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Detroit Chaos- 2004 News

Our theme this year is "RETURN TO GLORY"

The Chaos return to Toronto this year as heavy favorites.  The roster has been bolstered by the return of Pete McDonald.  It is a fact that the team has never been able to re-capture the glory without his leadership, tenacious play and big mouth.  2 years ago a prior commitment deprived the Chaos of his talents and last year he was still recovering from his knee surgery.  Thankfully, he is nearly 100% recovered.  Just in case you have been living under a rock the last 2 years, here are a couple of links to bring you up to date on his long road back to the top.  ,

We are also happy to welcome 2 new members to the roster this year.  Jeff Kaczmarek and Eric Sandstrom.  Both are able replacements for their predecessors - who were they again?  Jeff and Eric are both young, fast and together this addition nearly matches the impact of the return of McDonald
Of course, the rest of the team is also ready to rock and roll.  We will pound our opposition into submission.  They will be begging for mercy.  As long as Captain Chaos can hold keep his nuts in, the Chaos will RETURN TO GLORY.