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Detroit Chaos- 2004 News

The Andy Lovell bobblehead is expected to be one of the hottest souvenirs in Toronto this year.  Make sure you get yours.  Proceeds go to the Andy Lovell wetsuit fund.

Line 1 Belding Benninger Kappler
Line 2 Sandstrom Kaczmarek Fidler
Line 3 Kjellenberg Macaskill McDonald
Line 1 Lipskie Macaskill
Line 2 Lovell Kinlin
Line 3 Wagy Ethier

Probable starting lineup


Number Position Name Hockey News comment
8 F2 Belding, Preston Needs to shake off the Columbus blues to be productive.  Playing on the Captain's line should allow him to pick up some garbage.
5 C1 Benninger, Steve Can he keep his nuts in?
9 D Ethier, Paul Paul Who ?
71 F2 Fidler, Terry Terry Who ?
15 C2 Kaczmarek, Jeff Nearly as fast as McDonald.  Should be good for a goal or two.
7 F1 Kappler, Brian The lumbering right wing has been moved to the Captain's wing this year.  Not likely to matter in the overall scheme of things.
6 D Kinlin, Peter Tough D, good shot.  Needs to get serious if the Chaos can Return to Glory.
11 F3 Kjellenberg, Todd If Stitch can stay out of the Penalty box, he has a chance to be the MVP since he is playing with McDonald / Macaskill.
80 G Krizek, Joey Can JOEY return to form?  Who is JOEY?  Where has JOEY been?
22 D Lipskie, Brad Brad will have to make up for PJ's boneheaded mistakes on D this  year.
13 D Lovell, Andy Can Andy and his equipment stay dry?  We know it won't get wet from sweat.
3 C3 Macaskill, Mike Mike has been seen smiling for the last few months knowing that McDonald will be feeding him passes again this year.
4 D Mcaskill, PJ Can PJ stop giggling long enough to play some D?
91 F3 McDonald, Pete His return to Toronto has been well chronicled.  He is one to be watched.
66 F1 Sandstrom, Eric Can Frenchie show the form displayed once or twice in the BorgWarner cup win - or will he simply be hurting the opposing goalie's stomach?
10 D Wagy, Rich Must be sober to be effective.  The coach will watch him closely.
We are staying at a new place this year, the DAYS INN; 6257 Airport Road; the website is
The rate is $99/night Canadian (doesn't include tax) regardless if you have 2, 3, or 4 persons in your room.
I have reserved all of the rooms in my name. I will update everyone with confirmation numbers and a map shortly.
    Confirmation Number
Benninger, Steve/Lipskie, Brad Room 1 2 Double Beds  
Fidler, Terry/Ethier, Paul Room 2 2 Double Beds  
Macaskill, Mike/Macaskill, PJ Room 3 2 Double Beds  
McDonald, Pete/Krizek, Joey Room 4 2 Double Beds  
Kappler, Brian/Sandstrom, Eric Room 5 2 Double Beds  
Kaczmarek, Jeff/Family Room 6 2 Double Beds  
Belding, Preston/Lovell, Andy Room 7 2 Double Beds  
Wagy, Rich/Kjellenberg, Todd Room 8 2 Double Beds  
Blake, June Room 9 King or Queen Bed  
Benninger, Brian Room 10 King or Queen Bed