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Detroit Chaos- 2005 News

Our theme this year is "We're on a MISSION from God"  

For the first time ever, the Chaos are not considered the favorites.  They are actually the heaviest of the underdogs in the tourney.  According to Captain Chaos, this should help motivate everyone. 

The entire team is hoping that this year The Captain does not move us up yet another level above our normally pitiful level.  Nobody has yet figured out why he put us up with real hockey players last year.  Perhaps he was hoping some of their talent would rub off on the Chaos and serve us well this year. 

The oddsmakers have their doubts as the Vegas bookies have the Chaos at 200-1 just to be playing on Sunday.   To win, the odds increase to 2000-1.  This would be a good bet if they would accept Loonies.    

This year, the GREAT Lenny Diaspro, the best hockey player in all of Ohio, has agreed to play for the Chaos.  He is so good, we will have to keep him back on D.

Lenny is extremely proud of his Italian heritage.  The picture on the right is not his cooking hat.  That is actually his hockey helmet which was painted by the renowned artist Leonardo DiCaprio.