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Show NO Mercy

Hockey is often a brutal sport.  We have seen that on TV many times.   This is one reason we are willing to tolerate the presence of someone like THE ENFORCER and his constant jealous comments about the Champion Red Wings. 

When you participate in a brutal sport, you MUST SHOW NO MERCY.  This is the only way that you can be sure to come out on top.   The winner is usually the strongest.  When we have the other team down, we must continue to apply the pressure and keep them down.   Look at this picture of the Crocodile.  Now there is an animal that showed no mercy.  Never mind that the zoo keeper was his friend and only wanted to take good care of him.  In the crocodile's mind, the zookeeper was the enemy and there was no reason to show any mercy.  Besides that, what's the big deal with having a little snack?  It's not like he ate the whole guy or even his whole arm.  Jeez . . . .