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Great Quotes from the 2007 Championship Weekend

Contributed by Korporal Kappler

From Totske, "Peanut Butter and Jelly" and, of course, the great "Texas Tornado".

From Sandstrom, "I've had sex with a lot of girls I've never met".

From Wagy, "That's the last time I ever take a punch for the team".

Upon further reflection, the Belding-Macaskill-Kappler line should be re-named the Cialis line.  If we shot any more pucks into the stacked pads of the goalie with the upper 50% of the net wide open...

A comparison of opposites... Terry and Joey... who both played with groins pulled, but for very, very different reasons...

A question for Mike Macaskill... have you ever ended a phone call with your wife without one of you hanging up on the other???

A salute to Sandstrom and Belding... I will probably get a staff infection in my sinuses from the massive amount of feces particles you atomized in our locker room.

Dwight is the new enforcer apprentice... who remembers Steve laying on the ice after a good hacking, while D turns a tight circle to get in the face and talk smack to the other team?

"I will not comment on my partner during the game".  (ref from late game on Saturday)

The quote that Steve Benninger has heard many times during his dating life from women was re-iterated by the female goalie Saturday afternoon... "please don't hurt me".

Dwight's rundown of game #3....   "I think our line(mate) is really going to step up next game.  I think our line(mate) will really carry the play.  Our line(mate) will be the deciding factor in the next game.  Our line(mate) is leading the team in scoring."