Detroit Chaos
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Detroit Chaos- 2007

Probable Line-Up

Forwards Left Wing Center Right Wing
Line 1 Channer Benninger McDonald
Line 2 Kappler Fidler Totzke
Line 3 White Macaskill Belding

Defense Left Right
Line 1 Lipskie Wagy
Line 2 Sandstrom Kinlin
Line 3 Lovell  

Room Assignments

Room 1 Benninger Lipske
Room 2 Channer Lovell
Room 3 White Belding
Room 4 Kappler Sandstrom
Room 5 (OMG) Wagy Krizek
Room 6 McDonald Macaskill
Room 7 Fidler Totzke
On his own Kinlin  


Game Arena Opponent Day / Time
One Stamford Windsor Chiefs Friday 7:45pm
Two Jack Bell Scarboro Phat Pucks Saturday 2:45pm
Three Jack Bell Windsor Hackers Saturday 7:45pm
Championship Jack Bell TBD vs Chaos (of course) Sunday 11:45AM
Name # Position CNN SI Inside Scoop
Belding, Preston 8 F3 Belding is coming off a brutal year.  A mere one goal is not going to cut it.  Last year he was in danger of  reassignment to equipment manager - most are surprised he is not there now.
Benninger, Steve 5 C1 Captain Chaos only had one goal last year.  Many feel he was hiding an injury, but privately he blamed line mates McDonald and Channer.  Look for him to put extra pressure on those two to perform or be replaced.
Channer, Dwight 42 F3 After a big year in 2005 expectations were running high.  Unfortunately Channer did not measure up.  His lone point came when the puck bounced off his ass straight to Benninger for a dunk.
Fidler, Terry 71 C2 Fidler had a great year in 2006.  That is about all that can be said.   A true clutch performance that he will not likely repeat.
Kappler, Brian 7 F2 The Chaos GM reverted to his previous ponderous, lumbering self.  He did not tally a point.  The good news is that he will not do worse this year.
Kinlin, Peter 6 D Kinlin played strong D the entire tournament and also tallied 2 goals.   This was his first trip without his wife and kids and he was obviously fired up.   The Chaos are counting on a repeat performance.
Krizek, Joey 80 G JOEY had a very rocky start and barely survived due to undisclosed health problems.  For a change the problems were not related to mass consumption of alcohol.  For the Chaos to win this year he will have to get his act together and make some saves. 
Lipskie, Brad 22 D The enforcer on the team stepped up and tallied 3 points for a push.  A pretty decent performance.   Lipskie caused much internal strife within the Chaos with his incessant Eat Alberta Beef comments.  Obviously that will not be an issue this year.
Lovell, Andy 13 D With a goal and an assist, Lovell performed as expected.    Lovell's play has improved each year and if he continues to improve then next year we will have to say that he very nearly did a respectable job.
Macaskill, Mike 3 C3 As usual, Macaskill combined some strong checking, loud chirping, and constant whining with a key couple of goals.  Never much of a team player, he failed to tally an assist and some would say he failed to even tally an attempted pass.
McDonald, Pete 4 F1 Trying to prove his incredible 2005 performance was no fluke, McDonald came out flying in the first game with 2 goals including the game winner.   In a hotly contested recount he was awarded a player of the game mat.  Unfortunately, he did absolutely nothing the rest of the tournament.   He tried buying a new pink skull cap to change his luck but Lipskie informed him that he was not allowed to wear it.  Of course he didn't.
Sandstrom, Eric 15 D 2006 was a strong year for Sandstrom.  One of the few who was OVER on his points,  he also played strong D.  Call him The Butcher or The Photographer but don't call him a whiner.   He plans to play this year despite separating his shoulder 4 weeks before the tournament started.
Totzke, Jay 2 F2 Thanks to the generosity of his line-mates - especially Fidler,  Totzke managed to score some key goals and totally demolish his over/under number.   A repeat performance will be next to impossible if Captain Chaos follows through with his plan to saddle him with Kappler this year.
Wagy, Rich 10 D Many thought pairing Wagy and JOEY in the same room could lead to nothing but total unmitigated disaster.  Many were wrong.   Wagy caused no more trouble than he scored points - zero, zippo, nada, NOTHING.
White, Dave 11 F1 There was major concern on the Chaos last year when White was rumored to be returning.  With Krizek suffering and the offense stagnant, he would only make a bad situation worse.  Fortunately it turned out to be a non-issue.  What will happen this year?  It depends on if he shows up.