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Detroit Chaos- 2008

Well, the above picture pretty much says it all.  No, it is NOT BLUE ANY MORE.  But we know why she is sticking her tongue out?  It is because of the dismal performance of the 2008 Chaos.

Below is the Dave White write-up.  His comments are in black.  Since he lost interest, I have added some of my own - my comments are in RED.

Hooter’s 35 and under & over league
The Loft – Erin, OH 0-1
Georgian Pontiac, ON 1-1
Georgetown Misfits, ON 1-1

“Corona!” The enforcer!!!

Friday night preparation..

Return to Niagara

The Chaos returned to Niagara for their attempt to capture an unprecedented third championship to earn the coveted title of DYNASTY…few have come this far…the Bulls, the Lakers, the New England Patriots, perhaps the Yankees.

Tensions were running high with many questions unanswered….Could Pete’s son with only a few years of hockey experience fill the skates of Dave White…the Freight Train? Would Pete M’s nagging injuries be a factor? How would loss of sleep affect new dads Brian Kappler and the ENFORCER?

“Dynasty? Dynasty? That’s for the upper echelon of sports establishments,” commented Preston Belding. “This is the beer league…we’re here to have fun…I’m one helluva guy you know.”

“Captain. It may be time to shake things up a little” These very words uttered by the ENFORCER after the devastating loss in April 2000 that led to the dreaded “no Sunday game” could have been the motto for the weekend.

1st game, Friday Night – 8:45 PM at Jack Bell Arena vs. the Georgetown Misfits

After gearing up for the first game of the evening in the CAPTAIN’s room, the Chaos were ready to take the ice. The first game is always critical. The Chaos is unlike most of their competition. A team made up of players from two countries and three states that only play together once a year – at the tournament. Team chemistry is never in question – only how long will it take to gel as a powerful, skating unit.

“Hey Jay! Did you even open your bag last year?” comes a smart (*&(#*& comment from the locker room. “Yeah. I actually played once or twice” This is a good sign.

Hailing from the East Coast – the team looks to Dwight for the inside scoop on what to expect from the Misfits. “No problem” he responds “ Grab their sweaters and tell em-the Patriots suckl. That will play with their heads”

The first period is off to a slow start for the Chaos. They look sluggish and ineffective. Frustrated, Kappler takes a 2-min, penalty for goaltender interference trying to create some confusion in from of the net. Several shots are taken by the ENFORCER, Belding and Pete – but to no avail. On the first power play of the weekend, still no points. In the waning moment, the Misfits draw first blood at 1:34 on the rock of the team, the goalie, Joey. Morale begins to wane. But with the defense caught napping, a 2 on 1 breaks loose at 1:06. Joey (SUPERMAN) makes the save. This sparks the Grind line – Kappler and Belding streak down with deft maneuvering to pull away with a 2 on none play. But are stuffed by THE WALL – the Misfit’s goalie.

The second period is more evenly matched. The old Chaos chemistry is beginning to get cooking. At 9:45, a blistering shot by the enforcer….at 8:38 a shot by the CAPTAIN…and at 8:34 an assist form the CAPTAIN to the PAUL for a goal!!!!! At this point, the tide began to change. Kappy ripped another shot at 6:27 and with a Pete led drive late in the period….the CAPTAIN scored again at 3:39 off an assist from the PAUL.

And they never looked back….goals in the last period game from Paul at 3:34 on an assist from Pete McDonald. And THE ENFORCER scored unassisted with 1 sec left on an empty net….and with only 4 minutes of penalties…the crowd is wondering is this team gritty enough to make the finals? With a 4-1 victory under their built, the Chaos returned to the hotel to celebrate.

Player of the game honors went to Paul despite a great effort by me who actually deserved it for taking two of his slappers of the back of my legs.

2nd game – Saturday vs. The Loft at the Jack Bell Arena

The Chaos had plenty of time to rest up for their second game of the tournament.

Slug fest! Not since Slapshot….have we seen so many penalties.

Won 3-1

3rd period – The Loft drew first blood at 6:41

3rd period at 3:44 Preston Belding score on a Brian Kappler assist with the 2 man advantage

3rd period at 3:11 Jason Totszke score on an ENFORCER assist with the 2 man advantage

3rd period at :38 Terry FIdler score unassisted on power play

Penalty fest:

5 penalties for Chaos and 8 penalties for the Loft…6 in the third period

Pregame dinner at Hooters to watch the Red Wings?

Pete yelling at Women’s hockey game….I think Dave is talking about the fine job of coaching I did during a woman's game that was going on before we started.  They all appeared to be very sluggish in my judgement and I was really trying to fire them up.  It did not work but it was good for som laughs.

Player of the game honors went to Steve who capitalized on all of my hard work.

3rd game – Saturday vs. Georgian Pontiac

1st period at 8:09 Steve Benninger score first goal of game unassisted with patented wrap-around effort. Chaos looking good!

1:26 later, GP scores and Chaos tumble from there. Legs look tired, no fire in the belly.

2nd period scored at 7:43, &;13 and 1:20

3rd period at 9:18 Pete Mcdonald score unassited

4 penalty minutes for hooking to Eric Sandstrom (2nd) and Preston Belding (3rd)

The Enforcer won player of the game.  How a defenseman can win player of the game in a loss is beyond me.  I probably would have given it to the person who scored unassisted since he was playing his heart out trying to carry his sorry linemates.

Chaos lost by a single point (goals for differential) to miss the finals for the third straight year.

The Captain and Paul McDonald tied for point leaders for the tournament.  (Thanks to the supurb, unselfish

Lost 2 -6

Tequila place….