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Detroit Chaos- 2008

Probable Line-Up

Forwards Left Wing Center Right Wing
Line 1 Old, Fast McDonald Captain Chaos Benninger Young, Slow McDonald
Line 2 Channer Fidler Totzke
Line 3 Belding Macaskill Krappler

Defense Left Right
Line 1 Lipskie Wagy
Line 2 Sandstrom Kinlin
Line 3 Lovell  

Room Assignments

Room 1 Benninger Lipskie
Room 2 Channer Lovell
Room 3 Belding White
Room 4 McDonald McDonald
Room 5  (look out girls) Krizek Wagy
Room 6 Kappler Sandstrom
Room 7 Fidler Totzke
Room 8 Kinlin Macaskill

Schedule - Oh Yeah - The Hooters 35+ D

Game Arena Opponent Day / Time
One Stamford Georgetown Misfits Friday 8:45
Two Jack Bell Loft Saturday 1:45
Three Memorial Georgian Pontiac Saturday 6:00
Championship Jack Bell Who cares - we will win Sunday 11:45
Name # Position The award winning Webmaster's Preview
Belding, Preston 8 F Last year Belding played like a typical Ohio boy - pathetic.  A mere one assist despite playing with the great Macaskill's and the nearly great White.
Benninger, Steve 5 C The Captain somehow managed to go over last year even though he was saddled with a nearly dead McDonald and a highly motivated Channer.  This year he has recruited the younger McDonald to try to get some help.  What difference does it really make?  He is not going to pass the puck anyway.
Channer, Dwight 42 F Channer had zero points last year.  Do I need to say anything more?  How can you get zero points playing on the Captain's line?  He will probably be demoted to play with Macaskill where he won't have to worry about a pass coming his way and zero points will be the norm..
Fidler, Terry 71 C After a great 2006 campaign, expectations were running high for 2007.  With an over/under number of 5 Terry's head barely fit in his helmet.  That won't be  problem this year.  A measly one goal was all he could muster putting him the farthest below the over/under number in the long storied history of the Chaos. 
Kappler, Brian 7 F The Chaos GM performed as expected.  Slow, lumbering and with 2 points to match the over/under.  This year he will be highly motivated so when he gets home his son still has some respect for the old man.  Look for a stellar performance.
Kinlin, Peter 6 D Another Ohio boy who failed to meet expectations.  ZERO points.  He did play some good defense and during 2008 he has already taken the Webmaster to a Red Wing game.  Therefore, we will cut him some slack and not comment about how he is clearly slowing down and showing his age.
Krizek, Joey 80 G Another nice year for JOEY who only gave up 6 goals.   His post game partying was far below expectations and this could account for his strong performance.  Don't expect this to happen again.
Lipskie, Brad 22 D The Enforcer was one of only two people who were over so you might think that 2007 was a good year for him.  However, the true Chaos fan would not agree.  The Enforcer's reputation took a serious blow when he got his ass kicked by Hulk Hogan on skates.  Look for him to bounce back this year and pick on someone much smaller.
Lovell, Andy 13 D As we state every year, Andy is the only Chaos player who is improving with age.  Maybe it is because he started so low or maybe it is blind luck.  In any case, The Chaos are likely to live or die based largely on his performance.
Macaskill, Mike 3 C What can we say about Mike?  Perhaps he is the most consistent Chaos player of all.  He never fails to lead the team in Whining and Chirping.  It has been 3 years since he tallied an assist, and last year he picked a fight with the biggest guy on the ice.  You gotta love his fire.
McDonald, Pete 4 F After coughing up his lungs last year, the Chaos are fortunate he is alive and back ready to play.  They are even more fortunate that he is bringing his son along for the very first time.   Rumor has it that he is pumped up on steroids now and anxious to prove he is still better than the youngster.  Look for a stellar performance and a repeat victory in the Webmaster category.  He can't possibly do worse than the zero points tallied last year.
Mcdonald, Paul 91 F After years of campaigning with the Captain's lovely mother, Paul is excited to be the newest member of the Chaos.  Expectations are high based on his father's past Chaos contribution and it is not likely that he will measure up, but  he will certainly be trying hard.  He will be sporting the storied #91 which is a tough jersey to fill. 
Sandstrom, Eric 15 D Another 2007 zero point defense man.  The Butcher is looking to step it up this year but he will have to be careful.  He has suffered a separated shoulder already this year.  He has missed significant time in his leagues due to excessive massages in China.  The inside scoop is that he has gotten soft.
Totzke, Jay 2 F A similar story to his long time line mate Fidler, Totzke also set the record for the worst over/under performance.   Also, for the 2nd year in a row, Jay has failed miserably in providing a timely Chaos write-up to the Captain and Webmaster.  He will have to step up his performance in 2008 or he is likely to rooming with JOEY in 2009.
Wagy, Rich 10 D Even though Wagy tallied zero points, his performance as JOEY's room mate was valuable to the championship.  Wagy managed to keep JOEY reasonably sober and they were on time for every game.  Sorry, I can't compliment him beyond this.
White, Dave 11 Bench Coach White will be behind the bench this year instead of on the ice.   This is likely to be a serious blow to the hopes of the Chaos opponents and a major boost to his former line mates over/under.  His impact as bench coach will be hard to measure but there is a good chance he will surprise everyone and look sharp back there in his suit and helmet.