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Detroit Chaos- 2009

Probable Line-Up

Goalie:  Roller Goalie (Marty)

Forwards Left Wing Center Right Wing
Line 1 Dwight Channer Steve Benninger Paul McDonald
Line 2  Chris Winchester Jason Totzke Andy Lovell
Line 3 Mike Macaskill Pete McDonald Brian Kappler

Defense Left Right
Line 1 Eric Sandstrom Jason Hill
Line 2 Peter Kinlin Will Owen

Room Assignments

Room 1 Jay Totzke Brian Kappler
Room 2 Peter Kinlin Mike Macaskill
Room 3 Pete McDonald Roller Goalie (Marty)
Room 4 Paul McDonald Will Owen
Room 5 Steve Benninger Andy Lovell, Dwight Channer
Room 6 Jason Hill Eric Sandstrom

Schedule - Tech Sox Recreational

Game Arena Opponent Day / Time
One Stamford Lorne Park Legends (Mississauga team) Friday 8:45 pm
Two Jack Bell Les Boyz (Toronto team) Saturday 3:00pm
Three Stamford Baltimore Longshots Saturday 9:00pm
Championship Jack Bell ????? who will we play ???? Sunday 11:45
Name # Position  Don Cherry's Chaos Preview  
Belding, Preston   Wimpout After a dismal year in 2008, the big Forward has decided to stay in Columbus where he will have a legitimate excuse for yet another zero goal performance.  Like the Blue Jackets in the Playoffs, Belding is a big zero this year.
Benninger, Steve 5 C The Captain did everything possible to have a big year in 2008 by surrounding himself with the two McDonalds.  Unfortunately, it was not enough.   It is doubtful he will do much better this year since he has moved the elder McDonald to Center on the third line. 
Channer, Dwight 42 F Dwight did not have to carry Captain Benninger last year and his game blossomed.  A seasoned hockey observer like me knows how hard he worked despite the lack of real statistics.   
Fidler, Terry   wimpout Like Belding, Terry's game slipped badly last year and he has decided to hang up his skates for a year hoping that a long rest will make the fans forget his pathetic 2008 performance.
Hill, Jason 11 D A surprise addition on D after The Enforcer joined the ranks of the wimpouts, Hill is a major reason the Chaos have been moved down to the Rec division.   Although he has worked hard on his game the last few years, I have to wonder what Captain Chaos must have been thinking when he offered Hill a contract.
Kappler, Brian 7 F Like clockwork, Kappler continues to perform the same  year after year.  One has to wonder why Captain Chaos continues to accept near complete mediocrity.
Kinlin, Peter 6 D Although he is normally a strong performer on D, he is well known for making a critical blunder that costs the team a goal.  Without the reliable JOEY in net to bail him out, Kinlin will have to step his play up in a big way for the Chaos to have a prayer of playing a game on Sunday. 
Krizek, Joey     What?  No JOEY?  What will become of the Chaos?  It is doubtful they will find anyone who can fill his skates, let alone consume his beer.
Lipskie, Brad   Wimpout In a surprise, last minute decision, The once mighty Enforcer declined the coveted invitation to play for the Chaos this year.  The rumor is that his lame excuse that he has to work is a complete smokescreen.   Since when does anyone tell The Enforcer what to do?  The truth is that his game slipped  badly this year after he put on more than a few pounds lounging around the house, eating Alberta beef and watching his wife take of the new baby while on his maternity leave.
Lovell, Andy 13 D Mr. Lovell skates every year and every year he wonders where the Captain is going to put him.  Hopefully for Andy, it will not be on the bench.  Andy is my pick for the surprise player of the tournament.   I will be surprised if he tallies a point.
Macaskill, Mike 3 C Mike has maintained a solid level of play the last few years, but apparently Captain Chaos has seen something he doesn't like.  Mike has been demoted to left wing on Pete's line.  Will he step it up, or will he whine about it?  I think we all know the answer.
Marchesi, Marty 80 G The world famous Roller Goalie has been hand picked to take over the duties of the famous JOEY.  These are big skates to fill but Roller Goalie is one big man.  Despite being thrown out of a game for over size pads in a D- league, he backstopped the Sunday Sharks to the Championship less than a month ago.  Can he continue his performance?  We will see.  He is more than a bit overweight by Chaos standards and the fast play in Niagara.  He has been challenged by the Captain to report in at 232.  If he makes it, there will be an incredible amount of pizza and wings consumed in Niagara.   If not, who will be in Net?
McDonald, Pete 4 F After turning 50 less than a month ago, he has stepped his game up big time.  The 2nd leading scorer on the D- Shark team has earned a trial at the Center position after impressing the Captain with his improving skills.  I look for a big weekend for him and nobody should be surprised if wins more than one Player of the Game awards.
McDonald, Paul 91 F Paul stepped onto the Captain's right wing last year with big expectations based on his Dad's incredible past performances.  He did not disappoint tallying 2 goals in the first game, dominating play and winning the player of the game award.  Unfortunately, he could not keep it up and virtually disappeared the next 2 games.  The Captain is hoping Paul has worked on his conditioning so he can impact all 4 games.
Owen, Will 66 D Will tagged along last year to make sure Sandstrom and Paul stayed out of trouble.  He failed miserably and most observers thought it would be the one and only time he saw Niagara with the Chaos.  But fortune has smiled on the young lad and with all the wimpouts the Captain moved the Chaos to a low enough division where Will  is eligible to play his unique brand of pathetic defense.  Look for Will to be the only player on the team to make fewer passes than Captain Chaos himself.
Sandstrom, Eric 15 D What can we say about da Butcha?  We can say that he has not played much this year and nobody knows if he will be worth the roster spot.    He will certainly be consuming his share of beer, but will the new goalie appreciate him?   Last year's erratic performance had many wondering if the Chinese yeast infection on his head had penetrated his brain,   Let's just say he is a bigger question mark than ever this year.
Totzke, Jay 2 F Jay played a solid tournament last year but could not step up when it counted.  Most would say that he is really starting to show his age.  I am not so sure.  Without Terry to drag him down this year, I look for him to rebound to his old form and have a halfway decent performance.
Wagy, Rich   wimpout Another Chaos regular has wimped out.  Is anyone worried?   Not in the least.  The Captain has replaced him with a young, hungry Will Owen.  Only the Niagara bars are upset about this move.
White, Dave   wimpout Dave was supposed to be the reporter last year and he did a great job - until Saturday morning.  We all saw him taking notes during the Saturday games, but a later investigation found his notebook and revealed that he had done nothing more than write "I wish Steve would let me play" 1,000 times.  Where will he be this year?  I don't know.
Winchester, Chris TBD F A very late addition to the team, not much is known about him other than the fact that he usually does not show up even after making solemn promises.   A little detective work has revealed that that at one time he had decent speed and moves but not have much of a shot.    Worse yet for a team with the Roller Goalie was a report that he was not a 2-way player,  rarely bothering to skate inside his own blue line.