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  2009 Hotel & Tournament Information

May 1 - May 3  2008

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General Information

Niagara Falls, ON April 30-May 2, 2010

Weekend Hockey’s Official Arena: Stamford/ Jack Bell Arena’s
6750 Frederica St.
Niagara Falls, ON L2G3P3

Niagara Falls Memorial Arena
Centre St.
Niagara Falls, ON L2G3P3

Weekend Hockey’s Host Hotel: Imperial Hotel & Suites
5851 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada L2G 3L6
Toll: 800-263-2553
Phone: 905-356-2648

Weekend Hockey’s Official Sports Bar: Boston Pizza
Boston Pizza
4960 Clifton Hill
Niagara Falls, ON
L2E 6S8

Fallsview Casino Resort , Casino Niagara , Seneca Niagara Casino , Rumours Nightclub

Tons of Information

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada Official Niagara Falls Tourism Visitor & Convention Bureau

Niagara Falls Golf

Dear Participants,

1. Welcome to our 4th Annual Adult/ Oldtimers Hockey Tournament in Niagara Falls. We are very pleased you have decided to join us, and are looking forward to a great weekend of competitive hockey and fun.

2. We would like to welcome our official sponsors Powerade, Labatt’s, Boston Pizza & Tech Sox.

3. We will have a Tournament Control Center in all arenas at all times to answer any questions and provide any information you may desire throughout the weekend. Don’t forget your games on Friday, Saturday & Sunday are professionally video taped on high definition DVD by Nice Goal Productions and shown in the Weekend Hockey Beverage Garden. You can watch them immediately after your game. Nice Goal Productions will be professionally taping and Sat & Sun games will be available for purchase. The DVD’s are of excellent quality & will be recorded in HD.GNT Sports will also be providing on site skate sharpening with all hockey accessories available all weekend!

4. In the Beverage Garden located at The Arena, we also welcome The Boston Pizza’s Girls. They will be available all weekend to serve you. We will also have Playoff NHL games shown throughout the weekend while you watch your own game on video. Please note: TEAMS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING THEIR OWN BEER IN DRESSING ROOM! THE CITY OF NIAGARA FALLS HAS ENFORCED A NEW POLICY WHICH COULD RESULT IN TEAM EXPULSION.

5. Enjoy Niagara Falls, walk to The New Falls View Casino & enjoy all the numerous restaurants & clubs.

Once again, welcome to Weekend Hockey’s Tournament at Stamford/ Jack Bell & Memorial Arena’s in Niagara Falls. Have fun, play hard & enjoy your weekend!

James Zitmanis Tournament Director Weekend Hockey Tournaments

Weekend Hockey Tournaments


1st Place Team in Division: Each player will receive a Weekend Hockey Jacket, Team Trophy & Team Picture on Web Site 2nd Place Team in Division: Each player will receive apparel awards Player of the Game: One player Per Team in each game will be awarded a Player of the Game Award sponsored by Tech Sox


 REGISTRATION All team Reps are to register with Weekend Hockey Staff at Tournament Central located in the arena BEFORE your 1st game is played. We will have a Tournament Central in all arenas! All Payments to be paid in full by START OF TOURNAMENT. After this date cash, credit cards, certified cheques will only be accepted. At registration, payment for last minute registrations for new players or guests can be collected. CHECK-IN AT HOTELS Anytime after 4:00pm. In some cases you may be able to check in earlier. Check first with your hotel! PLEASE NOTE THAT THE HOTEL REQUIRES, AT REGISTRATION, THAT EACH ROOM PROVIDE A CREDIT CARD IMPRESSION OR $100 CASH DEPOSIT TO COVER PHONE CALLS, OR OTHER COSTS THAT MAY BE INCURRED. IF NOT USED, IMPRESSION AND OR DEPOSIT WILL BE RETURNED AT CHECKOUT. CHECK-OUT Check-out time is 12:00 pm. If you have a later game on Sunday, give yourself enough time for check out & to play in your final game. Don’t forget to clear up any additional charges. The Hotel will have your credit card deposit which will be automatically charged if required. GAME SCHEDULES Game schedules are final. All teams have been scheduled according to team roster lists provided by Team Reps or tournament director is familiar with the team from past Weekend Hockey Tournaments. Please note, if a team does “blow out” another team, that team may lose their 2 points for that game & be moved to another division provided division allows a movement. If movement of team can’t be made, any necessary changes can be made by Tournament Director to facilitate a fair division. Note: this is extremely rare & has only happened once in 10 years of operating hockey tournaments HOTELS Weekend Hockey Tournaments is using The Imperial Hotel & Suites conveniently located downtown on the ‘strip’. This hotels has an indoor heated swimming pool, fitness centre, business centre, restaurants & a hot tub/sauna.

ARENA Stanford/ Jack Bell Arena’s is a twin pad arena located approximately 5 minutes from The Imperial Hotel & Suites. Memorial Arena is walking distance to the hotel. We will also have our Weekend Hockey Beverage Garden in all arenas featuring the Boston Pizza’s Girls all weekend. All players after every game can watch their game on video & watch the NHL playoffs. Weekend Hockey Merchandise will also be available!.

DRINK & MEAL VOUCHERS Each team rep will receive drink vouchers for his team at check-in at Tournament Central at arena on Friday & Saturday. Every player will receive 3 drink tickets for use in arena at The Beverage Garden. Complimentary Powerade will be provided for every team at dressing room level throughout the Weekend. Teams entitled to meal vouchers will also pick them up Friday at Tournament Central. Each player & guest will receive 2 Boston Pizza Meal Tickets & 2 Breakfast Tickets for use at The Golden Griddle located in the Imperial Hotel & Suites.

TOURNAMENT CENTRAL Weekend Hockey Staff will at all times have a Tournament Control Centre located in Stamford/ Jack Bell Arena’s to answer questions, provide information, distribute tickets or otherwise help you in any possible way. Souvenir Weekend Hockey Merchandise will also be available for sale.


Remember all your games on Friday, Saturday & Sunday are professionally videotaped & shown after every game in The Weekend Hockey Beverage Garden by Nice Goal Productions.

Friday April 30, 2010 Check in at ground floor lobby of hotel or sign in at Tournament Central at Arena. IMPORTANT- If you are unable to check in before your game, you MUST check-in after your game. Any changes to your team must be reported! o All team reps have received their 1 drink & meal voucher coupons. o All teams will have played their first game by today. o All teams will have their team picture taken. o After your game visit our Beverage Garden in your arena. o Meet the Boston Pizza Girls & watch NHL Playoff Hockey.

Saturday May 1, 2010 o All teams will play 2 games on Sat between 9:00am & 10:00pm. o Team reps will receive 2 more drink tickets o Meet the Boston Pizza Girls & watch NHL Playoff Hockey .

Sunday May 2, 2010

o All Championship Games commence today! IMPORTANT- Award presentations will be made in the dressing rooms after the games. o Winning teams will have team picture taken on ice with awards & team trophy. Picture will be posted on web site.


The current rules of the C.H.A will govern all tournament games, with the exception of a number of rules specific to Weekend Hockey Tournaments Inc, as outlined in these pages. These may be modified by the Tournament Directors at any time. Tournament directors assume no responsibility for any claims arising through the operation of the tournament. No allowances will be made for ignorance of the rules.

1) ARENA PROPERTY - Any damage to the arena property will be paid for by the team responsible, prior to participation in any further league games. Non-compliance constitutes automatic suspension, from the league and possible legal action.

2) ALCOHOL & CONTAINERS - Alcoholic beverages and / or glass containers are prohibited in the arena. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action against the offending individuals, including possible indefinite suspension from the tournament. This rule applies to the dressing rooms, playing area, parking lot, and grounds.

3) PERSONAL PROPERTY- The tournament accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen personal property. We strongly suggest that no valuables be taken into the arena. The Team representative will be responsible for providing a lock for the dressing room door.

4) NOTICES- All players should check with tournament central for any postings concerning game changes, standings, and league news. Team representatives are encouraged to communicate all concerns to tournament directors.

5) LENGTH OF GAMES- All games will be 3 periods in length, each period to be 10 - 10 - 12 minutes stop-time. In the event of the 4 goal spread, the clock shall run in the last 5 minutes of the third period only. For the clock to return to stop-time, the difference in score must be 3 goals or less. WARM-UP – 2 minutes prior to commencement of game. Clock will continue if teams not ready! This will keep tournament schedules on time.

6) TEAM SWEATERS & COLOR CONFLICTS- Tournament will provide jersey’s in case of sweater conflicts.

7) MANDATORY EQUIPMENT- Face shields are advisable and recommended. Helmets are mandatory & must be worn by all players. Helmets must be C.S.A. approved (No Gretzky Jofa Helmets) with proper fastened chin straps. Goaltenders may not wear home-made masks. Accidents must be reported to the tournament directors and to the arena management. RULES CONTINUED

8) CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY ELIGIBILITY - For a player to be eligible for Sunday’s Championship Day, the player must have participated in 2 of the first 3 games.

8a) CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY – In event of a tie during Sunday’s championship games, a 5 minute run time overtime will take place with last 30 sec stop time. After overtime if there’s still a tie a shoot-out will be used to determine a winner. Shoot-out format will consist of each team providing 3 shooters to participate. Best goals for will determine winner. In case of a tie, a second shoot-out will be held with 1 shooter from each team and so on, until a winner is determined.

9) INELIGIBLE PLAYERS - Only players registered with the tournament may participate.(Roster Sheet) All players must sign their own names at every game. Forging of signatures will result in a default of that game. Use of an ineligible player may result in the offending team losing the points that were awarded during the games, where ineligible players were used.

10) SUBSTITUTE GOALTENDERS - Substitute Goaltenders may only play, with the approval of the tournament directors. If permission is denied, teams may use any consenting goaltender, from within their own division or a lower division.

11) MATCH PENALTIES- INVOLVING A LEAGUE OFFICIAL - Automatic indefinite suspension from the tournament. There is no minimum suspension appeal. This penalty will be assessed when a player physically threatens or abuses any league official (directors, referees, timekeepers, etc.).

12) CENTER RED LINE - The center red line will not be in play at any time during the tournament. 13) ICING - All stoppages for icing will be initiated when the puck crosses the goal line of the non-offending team. All icing calls will be initiated by the offending team shooting the puck into the defending zone from behind their own blue line.

14) GAME EJECTION - Any player receiving 3 minor penalties in one game will receive a game ejection penalty. If the third minor penalty is co-incidental, that player will not be ejected until a fourth minor is incurred. Such an infraction shall not carry any suspension unless the last penalty is a Game Misconduct or major in the third period (see Rule 18). Any player incurring a major penalty shall be ejected from the game. Such an infraction, other than fighting, shall not carry any suspension unless the player’s actions are reported to the league, by the referee, at which point league officials shall assess suspensions as deemed appropriate for the action.


15) FACE-OFF MOVED TO THE NEUTRAL ZONE- Should a gathering of players occur following a stoppage in play whereby the offensive team’s defensemen (one or both) enter the defensive zone past the top of the face-off circles, the referee will direct the face-off to the closest point in the neutral zone. When a player on the offensive team has made contact with the goal crease, the face-off shall be moved to closest point in the neutral zone.

16) FIGHT / ALTERCATION- In the event of a fight or an altercation where more than two players from either team are involved, the timekeepers are instructed to run the clock until such time as order has returned to the ice surface.

ALL Fighting Majors will result in an automatic tournament expulsion!

17) FIVE MINUTE MAJOR- (except fighting) The player receiving the 5 min major is ejected from the game. If the major is assessed during the third period, an automatic 1 game suspension can be assessed. A player from the ice must serve the 5 min. penalty. A major penalty is subject to review by tournament officials. Any player who receives 3 majors during the course of the tournament may be expelled from the tournament.

18) GAME MISCONDUCT- The player or coach that receives a game misconduct penalty, will be ejected from the balance of the game. If this penalty is assessed in the third period, an automatic one game suspension can be assessed. This suspension will be cumulative (see #17). All games misconduct’s are subject to review and further suspension. This penalty will be assessed to players or coaches who are continually verbally abusing the league officials.

19) TEN MINUTE MISCONDUCT- The player will receive a 10 min. misconduct for verbally abusing league officials. If this occurs in the third period, an automatic 1 game suspension can be assessed. This suspension will be cumulative as explained in #17. A second misconduct in the same game will result in a game ejection. All misconduct’s are subject to review by tournament officials.

20) GROSS MISCONDUCT- The player is immediately ejected from the balance of the game and faces possible expulsion from the tournament. This penalty will be assessed to any player or coach who makes obscene gestures, excessively abuses spectators, other players or league officials; OR attempts to make a travesty of the game.


21) MATCH PENALTIES- INVOLVING OTHER PLAYERS- An automatic tournament expulsion can be used. This penalty will be assessed when any player physically abuses another player with an INTENT TO INJURE (spearing, butt-ending, face-masking, kicking, etc.)

22) SUSPENSIONS-Any team found to be playing with a suspended player shall automatically forfeit the game. No protest is required by the opposing team. If the offending team believes a suspended player is playing, they should immediately notify the referee who will make a note on the game sheet for league officials to review.

23) COINCIDENTAL PENALTIES - Coincidental penalties follow the C.H.A. procedures.

24) CONTACT PENALTIES - Body contact is not permitted anywhere on the ice. Any collisions or contact will be strictly a referee judgment call based on the following definition of contact: “No player is entitled to use his body to intentionally body check, bump, or hold an opponent.” Body Contact penalties shall be cumulative: ANY TEAM RECEIVING 4 BODYCHECKING PENALTIES IN ONE GAME WILL SERVE THE FOURTH AND ANY SUBSEQUENT BODYCHECKING PENALTIES AS MAJORS. Please keep in mind the difference between hitting and getting in someone’s way.

25) TIME-OUTS- Each team is allowed one time-out. Time-outs may be called only if your penalty minutes do not exceed length of period. If the 4 goal spread rule is in effect, and the clock is running, no time-outs will be allowed.

26) APPEALS - All suspensions are appealable. A written letter must be submitted to tournament directors prior to the next scheduled game. The letter should give a brief summary of the incident, and reason for the appeal.

27) GAMES PLAYED WITH NO GOALTENDER- For the purpose of individual statistics; a game played where one team has no goalie, the maximum goal spread allowed will be four goals. Statistics for all goals up to and including the goal that accounts for the four goal spread will be counted. Any further goals will be counted only for the purpose of team stats, and the actual score of the game.


28) TIES IN STANDINGS- In the event of a tie in the standings, the final results will be decided by: a) Record against the team you are tied with. If 3 or more teams tied go to b. b) Most total wins. c) Goal differential.The team with the highest tournament goal average. This is determined by the total goals scored/total goals for & against. EXAMPLE: Team 1 scores 10 goals & gives up 14. 10/24=.417 Maximum differential in any one game is 7 goals. d) Least amount of penalty minutes e) Most Goals scored f) Fewest Goals Allowed e) Tournament Director’s Decision

29) OFF-SIDES- If the puck is shot on goal, during a delayed off-side, the play shall be allowed to continue under the normal clearing the zone rules. Should the puck enter the net in this situation, either directly or off the goaltender, or a player or official on the ice, the goal shall not be allowed, as the original shot was off-side. If any attacking player touches the puck or attempts to gain possession of a loose puck while the play is still in the attacking zone, the Linesman shall stop play.

30) SLAPSHOTS – In this tournament, slapshots are allowed in all divisions. However if a 35+ or 40+ team wishes to NOT have slapshots the other team must abide. Were using the knee as the point of reference. Any shots with the stick going higher than the knee in the offensive zone, whistle will be blown with faceoff in offending teams zone. If a shot is higher than the knee in the neutral zone face will be outside of offending teams blue line. Check with Tournament Central to see if this rule will effect you!