Detroit Chaos- 2010
The Chaos returned to Championship form after the 2009 disappointment.  For those of you who did not follow us on ESPN, here is the rundown.
Game 1 - April 30 - Opponent - Frank the Tank

The opening game of the tournament is traditionally a tough on for the Detroit Chaos.   Nobody knows it is just the long drive for the Michigan players who are obviously the key players on the team, or if it is simply the pre-game over-under drink-a-thon which was held this year in Captain Chaos' Penthouse suite - complete with a heart shaped hot-tub that was filling up fast with empty beer cans.  This year would be no exception as the apparently offense challenged Chaos suffered an embarrassing 3-2 defeat.   The two goals were scored by game MVP Captain Chaos and Paul McDonald.    The fact is, nobody on the team deserved MVP status in this one particularly the new goalie Fitzgerald who did not make quite enough saves - 2 more saves and the Chaos would have snuck out with an undeserved victory.
Game 2 - May 1 - Opponent - Shooters

It looked like Sunday would be a day off for the Chaos as the woes of Fitzgerald continued 1:33 into the second game.  A weak goal put the Chaos back on their heels.   Fortunately, Pete McDonald's son Paul put the Chaos on the board at the 8:50 mark so the period ended tied 1-1.  Clearly something needed to be done or the Chaos would not be challenging for the championship.  Fortunately for the Chaos, The Captain made a line-up adjustment that not only changed the game but will likely make hockey fans everywhere forget about the famed Production Line of Howe, Lindsey, Abel?    Not since the Hansen Brothers took the ice together for the first time has the complexion of a game and team changed so drastically.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there can be no exagerration of the impact the line of McDonald, McDonald and Macaskill had on the game and ultimately hockey history.    Between the 6:47 mark of the 2nd period and the 1:07 mark of the third period tthe 3Ms would account for 4 goals and tally an amazing 11 points on the score sheet.    It would be impossible to describe the devastation, destruction, and havoc that the 3Ms put on the thoroughly beaten shooters.

Macaskill from McDonald and McDonald, McDonald from McDonald, McDonald from McDonald and somebody, McDonald from Macaskill, Owen from McDonald and Macaskill.   A Hat Trick for Paul thanks to great passing from Pete and Mike earned the MVP of the game but nobody will remember the MVP.  They will simply remember this as the day the Chaos unleashed the 3Ms.  Final score 8-3
Game 3 - May 1 - Stonecutters

Inspired by the 3Ms, the Chaos came out of the gate flying in Game 3.  Playing like the dominating Red Wings the offensive juggarnaut called the Detroit Chaos rolled to a 8-4 victory.  The Captain once again decided to turn on the light twice and Paul did the same.  The big story of this game was Channer who had his first goal in nearly a decade.   The second biggest story of the game was Channer who had his first assist in nearly a decade.  Can you guess who was the MVP - no, it wasn't one of the 3Ms although it certainly could have been.   Ladies and Gentlemen, if you guessed Mr. Channer, you would be correct.    (Sorry Dwight, here is another case where you can be Googled.  Should we go back and change your name to Cwight Danner)
Game 4 - May 2 - Stonecutters

The outcome of this game was really never in doubt.  Although the score was tied at 1 as the third period began, there could really be no doubt as to which team would come out on top.   Of course the 3M line did their part.   Despite constantly going up against the #1 lines and the penalty kill mentality the Stonecutters had whenever they were on the ice,  Macaskill had a pretty goal from Pete and Paul.  However, there can be no denying the big story of this game.  After virtually sleeping through the first 3 games, Steve Phylactou (rhymes with Phuck-d-u) was being pretty much ignored by not only his own team, but the opposing Stonecutters.  The third period would be one that would go down in Chaos history as Mr. Phylactou scored 3 goals - at least according to the scoresheet.  He would like us to think he might have had 4 or 5.  It really doesn't matter - it was an incredible performance even if it was against the 3rd line D of the Stonecutters.   As the Chaos once again hoisted the Championship trophy, Steve P was awarded the Championship Game MVP award.

Can anyone send me a better picture of Phylactou . . . or is this the best ever?

The only question that was unanswered was if they could return in 2011 and win again.   That question will be answered very soon.