Detroit Chaos
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Detroit Chaos- 2010

Probable Line-Up

Goalie: Will Fitzgerald

Forwards Left Wing Center Right Wing
Line 1 Pete McDonald Steve Benninger Paul McDonald
Line 2  Dwight Channer Jason Totzke Steve Phylactou
Line 3 Preston Belding Mike Macaskill Brian Kappler

Defense Left Right
Line 1 Andy Lovell  
Line 2 Will Owen Jason Hill
Line 3 Eric Sandstrom Peter Kinlin

Room Assignments

Room 1 Steve Benninger Brad Lipske
Room 2 Dwight Channer Andy Lovell
Room 3 Peter Kinlin Mike Macaskill
Room 4 Will Owen Paul McDonald
Room 5 Pete McDonald Jason Hill
Room 6 Brian Kappler Preston Belding
Room 7 Jason Totzke Will Fitzgerald
Room 8 Eric Sandstrom Chris Winchester


Game Arena Opponent Day / Time
One  Stamford Frank the Tank (Toronto, ON) Friday 7:00pm
Two  Stamford Premature Shooters (Brantford, ON)  Saturday 1:00pm
Three Jack Bell  Detroit City Stonecutters (White Lake, MI) Saturday 8:30pm
Championship Jack Bell ????? who will we play ???? TBD
Name # Position

The McDonald's preview  the 2010 Chaos Roster  

Belding, Preston 8 8 Returning to the Chaos after a 1 year suspension due to pathetic play EVERY year.  The not so perfect attendance Belding is not expected to produce much firepower despite the good fortune of playing on a line with Mike Macaskill who is fresh off a stellar season where he led a depleted Hamlin Pub Shark team to yet another Championship
Benninger, Steve 5 C The Captain has not been playing much and his game has obviously suffered the inevitable decline that comes with age.  Once again, he has put the young McDonald on his line so he will certainly manage to figure in a few goals.  Will he achieve his over/under number.   Don't bet a Loonie on it.
Channer, Dwight 42 F The only Chaos player who consistently improves each year, he is just about acceptable now and stands a better than average chance of achieving his over/under number.
Fitzgerald, Will   G Just knowing Jay Totzke has secured this man a place between the pipes.  It has been a long time since he was in the net but he has been honing his skills on the softball field.  Nobody is impressed.   The Chaos will need to step up their scoring to overcome having Will in the net.
Hill, Jason 11 D For the second year in a row, Hill has accepted a late invitation to join the Chaos.  He stepped up to C league play this year to prepare for Chaos competition but the results were far from spectacular other than the occasional highlight of an opponent swinging Jason's jock in the air after scoring a fancy goal.
Kappler, Brian 7 F Expectations for Kappler are running high for the first time in memory now that he is reunited with Belding and playing again with Macaskill.   This line somehow manages to put a couple on the scoreboard each year despite a noticeable slowdown in the pace of the game whenever they are on the ice.
Kinlin, Peter 6 D Kinlin has been playing scrimmages in Columbus with the Blue Jackets and his game is at an all time peak (for him).  Being paired with Eric da Butcha will only help and it is unlikely that any goals will be scored when he is on the ice.
Lovell, Andy 13 D After doing pretty much nothing as a forward last year, The Captain has moved Andy back to D.  He seems to have forgotten that last year Lovell was moved to Forward due to his performance on D.  I would not want to be the Captain and decide where to play this man.  Best to flip a coin.
Macaskill, Mike 3 C Mike is back centering a line with Kappler and Belding.  Checking past statistics, we can note that in 2008, Mike outperformed The Captain in face-off winning percentage.  MR. FYYF has been on a tear recently and he is probably the Chaos player most likely to double his over under number. 
McDonald, Pete 4 F The Elder Statesman on the team has been rejuvenated this year and has been playing some of the best hockey of his life.  There are articles all over the Internet describing how Pete and his "brother" Paul are the two best players on the team.  One even goes so far to say that "once he gets going, don't even try to stop him".  He may even admit that this is a slight exaggeration, but it does indicate that he is playing strong.
McDonald, Paul 91 F Paul has continued to follow in his father's footsteps - at least from an offensive standpoint  He has played well every year and can usually be counted on to score a couple of goals every game.  2010 will be remembered as the year where he discovers that there is no force field at his own blue line and he can go back there to help on D and get the puck at least once.
Owen, Will 66 D Last year Will moved from the leading spender of "Butcher Bucks" at the local bars to the top defenseman on the ice.   Despite past performance, nobody knows how well he will be able to play (or spend Butcher Bucks).  Will managed to break his hand and we will avoid describing how it happened other than to say it was not very smart.  His first game back will be the opening Chaos game.  Will Will's game be sharp?  Nobody knows.   Probably best to bet under on the big moron.
Phylactou, Steve TBD F Steve Phylactou?  What kind of name is that?  How do you say it?  Simple,  Rhymes with Phuck-t-you. Figure it out.  Let's just call him Steve.  He is a late addition since everyone else we could think of  already turned us down.  He is from Canada so he should be an acceptable player.   Hopefully he is from Montreal and not Toronto, Calgary, or Edmonton . . . after all, The Chaos do not need any losers on the team.
Sandstrom, Eric 15 D Da Butch is woefully out of shape right now.  He has only played once or twice this year and neither performance was very good although he did manage to get to the penalty box on his first shift of the game last week.  Hopefully this will be an indication that he is back to being the Butcha we all know.  The youngsters are counting on this . . . for the after game festivities.
Totzke, Jay 2 F This is the first year in our memory that Jay will be coming alone to the tournament.   Most expect that this will cause him to lose his mind and let the many distractions in Niagara impact his play on the ice.  Don't be surprised if this is that case.  Unless his over/under is less than 1, he will not go over.
Winchester, Chris   Wimpout Chris was a late addition last year and he claims he will play this year.   He is the exact opposite of Preston Belding when it comes to reliability.  Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at what happened in the Championship game last year when he did not even bother to show up.  What will happen with Chris this  year?  Nobody knows but if he does, he is set to play with Pete, so he will have many scoring chances.
Lipskie, Brad   wimpout The once mighty Enforcer is no more.  Once again, he has joined the wimpouts.   Once again it was at the last minute leaving the team high and dry.   It now seems obvious that it was inevitable.  With his "Eat Alberta Beef" and "Leaf" teams all playing golf, he decided not to be a big man and accept the abuse.   He will probably be playing golf like the rest of them.
Fidler, Terry   wimpout A no-show for the second year in a row, he is close to being completely dropped from the roster.  His presence at the parties will be missed, but we will not comment about his presence on the ice other than to say that he will not be missed at all.
Krizek, Joey   wimpout JOEY Who?   2 years in a row of not playing.   He is now behind the Roller Goalie in the pecking order.
Marchesi, Marty   Dumped The world famous Roller Goalie played much better than anyone expected last year and really only gave up one pathetic goal.  Unfortunately, it cost The Chaos a championship.  We cannot blame Hill for backing up and letting that guy score even though he should have known better.  Ultimately, every goal could have been stopped by the Goalie.  Also, his stellar imitation as Del Griffith while rooming with McDonald virtually eliminated any chance he had to return as Goalie.
Wagy, Rich   wimpout In danger of being dumped from the roster.
White, Dave   Dumped Who is Dave White