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Never Complain

Be glad you do not have one of these jobs.   This might be cause for complaining.   However, I do not think a Chaos player would have one of these jobs because it looks like they are woman's work.   They are not complaining, so we should not complain either. 

Complaining does no good.  Solid play and toughness will do some good.  So, do not complain even if you are paired with Hill or Lovell on defense.  Do not complain if you are wide open and the Captain does not pass it.  Do not complain if Pete is not on your line or Paul is not on your line.  Not everyone deserves to play with the McDonald brothers.   Do not complain when JOEY takes the last beer and do not complain when he lets in weak goals from outside the blue line.

Mike, this means you too - do not complain every time the ref blows a call.  Do not whine just for the sake of whining. 

No, a Chaos player should not complain.  He should step up, play well, and VICTORY will be the reward.  Let the losers we stomp complain.