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Detroit Chaos- 2011


2011 looked like it would be a great year for the Chaos.   First of all, JOEY was returning to the net.   Everyone was looking forward to his usual performance . . . especially all the local establishments - casinos, beer stores and of course the clubs.   The next big surprise awaiting the Chaos was the stellar accommodations.  Yes Chaos fans, the returning champions were living in style as champions should.   The hotel was in a very nice area and many rooms had great rooms with a view of the falls.  Many people commented that the view was right where JOEY went over several years back - was this an omen of things to come?   The fans would have to wait and see. 
     This year the Chaos had a late starting game but they would also be without two of their stellar players for Game 1 (Phylactou and Kappler).   Well, maybe not stellar players, but players nonetheless.   As usual, there was the pre-game get together to have a few cold ones and get the over-under bets placed.  This year there would be a big surprise.  Due to the inevitable shrinking of the traditional Chaos jerseys due to so many washings, Captain Chaos had new and improved jerseys made.   These jerseys were not just your run of the mill jersey.  They were complete with socks and names including one mistake as Pete had to put on a jersey with "O. McDonald"  Obviously a typo where they just missed the straight line of the "P".  How would the OLD man of the team react?  Those in the know saw a quiet determination building inside as he gritted his teeth and slammed down yet another beer and handful of cashews.   Pete planned to show everyone just what that "O" was going to represent.    In addition to the jersey and socks,  the Captain provided everyone with nice new Chaos shirt and Macaskill chipped in with an awesome new hat for everyone. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it certainly seemed another great year for the Chaos - the Championship seemed inevitable.
Game 1 - April 29 - Opponent - The Legends from Mississauga, Ontario

The late game seemed to be just what the doctor ordered for the Chaos to avoid their usual Friday doldrums.   Although it would be difficult for the 3Ms to play together due to slackers Brian and Steve blowing off the game, The Captain was confident they would play together enough to carry the team.   The Chaos struck early when Willy Owen buried a nice shot from the face-off circle on a nice set-up from Winchester.   Incredible as it may sound, there would be only one more goal all weekend without the stamp of one of the Mighty 3Ms (does this make it 4Ms?).    The 2nd Chaos goal was scored by none other than "O" McDonald.  After Paul sent the puck down the ice, Captain Chaos chased it down and made a real pass to Pete who made no mistake with a spectacular one-timer into the corner of the net.     The next Chaos goal was scored by "Y" McDonald.  He picked up a pass from someone, skated out front and patiently waited for the goalie to drop and then in the tradition of "O" McDonald, "Y" McDonald ripped it upstairs.   Things were looking good for the Chaos.    With the victory secured, JOEY decided to take a nap and somehow The Legends scored two more goals just to make it interesting.   With time running out and the 6th attacker on the ice, how would the Chaos react.  Do you really have to ask?  Captain Chaos did the only sensible thing.  He put the 3M line out and to nobody's surprise, Mike put in the clincher after "Y" McDonald somehow missed the empty net.   To the surprise of all 3Ms, Captain Chaos picked up yet another player of the game award for his trophy case.   No doubt due to his decision to keep the 3M line out there at crunch time and his good sense to pass the puck to "O" McDonald in the first period.   Nice work everyone.  Final score - 4-2.
Game 2 - April 30 - Opponent - Premature Shooters from Brantford, Ontario

With the return of Phylactou and Kappler, the Chaos were riding high and feeling good.  Why was this?  Simple, because it meant that the 3Ms would be playing the entire game together.  Good for the Chaos, bad for the Premature Shooters.   Unfortunately for Brian, because he was running just a little late, he missed Chaos history . . . or should I say hockey history.   To the surprise of none of the 3Ms, they started the game and believe it or not, "O" McDonald lit the red light just 9 seconds into the game.  Yes, you heard that right.  9 Seconds.  It was so fast that many of the Chaos players had not even settled onto the bench and didn't know what happened.   Right off the face-off Paul broke in on the right side and set Mike up for his patented one-timer in the slot.  The shot did not get through but Pete's speed and hustle had him perfectly positioned by the goal post where he knew the puck would ricochet.  He made no mistake and absolutely buried the puck.  Chaos 1, Hapless Shooters 0.  9 seconds into the game.   Most who were there would say it was less than 9 seconds.  The scorekeeper was so stunned he didn't stop the clock for at least 5 seconds.  That means the goal actually only took 4 seconds which beats the NHL record by one second.    How would the Shooters react?  Would it be a rout?  Would the Chaos continue the brutality and score every 9 seconds and win 200 - 0?   No, this would not happen.  In fact, the Chaos quickly realized that the Shooters were a team to be reckoned with.  They were tough, but the Chaos were tougher.  In the 2nd period it looked like the 3Ms would strike again, but Paul was hauled down and given a penalty shot.   He made great move, had the goalie down and the whole net to shoot at but unfortunately he shot it high into the net above the glass.   It would take until the 3rd period before either team could equal what the 3Ms had done in a mere 9 seconds.    Incredibly, the next Chaos goal would happen with all 3Ms on the bench as Captain Chaos sent the puck to Winchester who buried it in the bottom corner of the net.  It was The Captain's second legitimate assist of the weekend.  But this time, that one assist was not enough for the Player of the Game award.  The final goal of the game was one of the best of the weekend.   To the surprise of nobody, the 3Ms came out and put up one more tally as Paul broke in with a Shooter hanging all over him.  It did not stop the "Y" man from a pretty backhander that left the goalie wondering what happened.  Player of the game honors went to JOEY for his shutout.  It was well deserved but all knew it was only because they could not award the player of the game to 3 people. 
Game 3 - April 30 - Floaters - Mississauga, Ontario

The Chaos and Floaters both entered the game 2-0, so an agreement was reached that the Saturday game would be for the Championship.  The Chaos were confident and riding high, but unfortunately, it was not to be.  The Floaters were a very good team and also pretty much a bunch of hacks.  With Sandstrom in the box, the Chaos had several chances to get the first goal shorthanded and set the tone, but it did not happen.  The Floater goalie played a stellar game, the Floaters scored a couple goals, and the rout was on.  In the worst performance in recent memory, the Chaos were outscored 6-0 on the scoresheet.  Mike still believes he scored one goal off a great pass from Pete after Pete was crunched into the boards, but unfortunately, the replay boys in Toronto really didn't care.   It didn't matter.  It was a true beating.  A beating so bad that despite giving up 6 goals, JOEY was awarded his 2nd player of the game award.   Not that anyone on the team deserved one.   To a man, the Chaos players were PO'd.   To a man, they vowed revenge.  They will be back in 2012.   Ready to go.   Whatever it takes . . . The Championship will return to the Chaos.