Detroit Chaos
The Detroit Chaos are heading to Niagara to conquer again !
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Detroit Chaos- 2011

Probable Line-Up

Goalie: JOEY Krizek

Forwards Left Wing Center Right Wing
Line 1 - 3Ms Pete McDonald Mike Macaskill Paul McDonald
Line 2 Chris Winchester Captain Chaos Benninger Steve Phylactou
Line 3 Dwight Channer Preston Belding Brian Kappler

Defense Left Right
Line 1 Will Owen Andy Lovell
Line 2 Eric Sandstrom Peter Kinlin
Line 3 Jason Hill  

Room Assignments

Room 1 Chris Winchester Eric Sandstrom
Room 2 Will Owen Paul McDonald
Room 3 Mike Macaskill Pete McDonald
Room 4 Brian Kappler Jason Hill
Room 5 Dwight Channer Andy Lovell
Room 6 Steve Benninger Preston Belding
Room 7 Steve P ????
Room 8 The Fans The Fans


Game Opponent Day / Time
One Legends - Mississauga, ON Friday 11:00 pm
Two Premature Shooters - Brantford, ON Saturday 11:30am
Three Floaters - Mississauga, ON Saturday 6:00pm
Championship The Mighty Chaos vs ?????? Sunday 10:30am
Name # Position
Paul's Preview
It might look like he is not paying attention, or that he is passed out, or possibly sleeping.  But no, he is really paying close attention just like his Dad.  This year he has decided to do the preview on his own.
Belding, Preston 8 F I heard this guy used to be pretty decent.  At least as far as competing with Uncle Mike in the turning the air unbreatheable department.  I didn't notice him much on the ice.  Kind of like the other team I suppose.   My Dad said he has never really done much but I should be nice to him since he is a long time Chaos member.  OK Preston, you are probably the best player on your line but you will still be under.
Benninger, Steve 19 C My stellar play over the last couple of years seems to have pushed Mr. Benninger to play at a respectable level.  This year he will really have to step it up if he expects to be in the scoring race.   I have not seen him much at our Friday skate so he may not be in shape . . . although he has certainly maintained his ability to complain about the teams.  Hopefully this talent will be useful placing the Chaos in the appropriate division.
Channer, Dwight 42 F I was really impressed with Dwight's play in game 3 last year.  Winning an MVP award puts him up there in a league with me.   If we could only get him to play all games like did game 3.  Or maybe if he played on a line with me, he would have a better chance to score.  I think he is with Mr. Benninger this year so if plays the angles off the goalie's pads, he could be an over.
Hill, Jason 17 D Jason's performance on D this year has been nothing short of . . . well, how can I say this politely.  Let's just say that JOEY will have to be very alert whenever Hill is on the ice.  Although we all know that he is incredibly strong on the puck, once he has it you just never know where it is going to go.   My advice is to stay close to the open player on the opposing team because this is Jason's most likely outlet pass.  The Over/Under . . . . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . . . . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Kappler, Brian 26 F Brian plays with us just about every Friday.  I have been watching him closely.  The good news is that he has not lost anything over the last few years.  The bad news is that it still makes him a 3rd liner.   The good news is that we need him on the 3rd line.  He will probably go over since he sets the numbers.  I will take the over assuming he is a ZERO.
Kinlin, Peter 6 D I only get to see Kinlin once a year.   I suppose he is pretty decent for a guy who lives in Ohio but he is definitely not as good as when I first started playing against him on Friday nights.   Or maybe I am just much better than I used to be. 
Krizek, JOEY 30 G I can hardly wait to party with this guy.   I have heard all kinds of stories so it will be interesting to see if he measures up.  He has only played with us on Friday a few times over the last few years and to be honest, I don't see why everyone is so excited that he is coming back.   I had no trouble scoring on him.  Take the OVER.
Lovell, Andy 13 D Andy's performance on D last year seemed really good to me.  He plays pretty much like Will Owen and it is definitely hard to tell them apart.    I'm looking for Andy to go way over this year since the ref will probably give him a few of Will's points. 
Macaskill, Mike 3 C Last year Mike was really lucky that Steve put him on a line with me and my Dad.   He is the center on the 3Ms so I am going to be nice to him.  He rarely complains and keeps a very positive attitude at all times.  Uncle Mike is a great player and extremely generous with the puck.  Maybe because he doesn't have much of a shot any more . . .  I'm pretty sure my Dad and I will carry him again and he will go over.   
McDonald, Pete 25 F He is not really my brother, but he does play very much like me.  A very strong and accurate shot helped him to go way over last year and his passing is uncanny.  He is as good a left-winger as you will see all weekend.  Don't let the fact that he has knee surgery scheduled 5 days after this year's championship game con you into thinking he will be slow.  He is playing some great hockey and we all know he raises his play up for the big games - assuming he can get out of bed.
McDonald, Paul 91 F I think I have been doing pretty well since I joined the Chaos - both on and off the ice.   I have not played as much this year but when you have talent like me, it doesn't really matter.  I plan to just lace 'em up and dominate the games.  Take the over on me no matter what the number.   Then I will be really nice to da Butcha and hope he takes me to a nice place to spend all the Butcher Bucks that I have been saving since last year.
Owen, Will 5 D Will is turning into quite a hack which is unfortunate since we need him on the ice - especially when you look at who else we have on D.    He is definitely the 2nd best player we have under the age of 25.   I am looking for Will to have a big weekend assuming he is reasonable with his use of The Scholarship.  If not, the my advice is to stay away from him and assume he will throw away a few pairs of pants.
Phylactou, Steve 12 F I watched him play 3 2/3 games last year and could not figure out why he couldn't score.   He seemed like a pretty decent player.   Then in the third period of the last game he puts up 3 goals.  If he can do that every game then he has a chance to compete with me for the scoring title.   I see Mr. Benninger will play with him this year so he better be going to the net with a vengeance or he will definitely be under.
Sandstrom, Eric 10 D Except for my Dad, Da Butcha is my favorite Chaos player by far.   I love this guy like an Uncle.  I don't care if he plays well or not, just as long as he shows up and is in good enough shape to take me and Will out at night.  If he would pay for my weekend then he would be my favorite Chaos player.   Oh yeah, his play,  well, he is pretty good and I know the little guy will be there if there is a fight.  In fact, I am sure of it since he will probably start it.
Winchester, Chris  9 F Looks like Chris will be playing with Mr. Benninger.   That should help him get some points.  Chris is pretty fast and I remember he has a really good low hard shot.   If he can just get it on net, he will help us a lot but I am still taking the under on this guy.   We all need to remind him that it is OK to backcheck.  Last year the only time he was inside our zone was when he was sitting on the far end of our bench between shifts.    Take the under.
Fidler, Terry   Wuss So what.  We have Phylactou.  Plhluck Fidler.
Totzke, Jay   Wuss I don't think we need this guy anyway.  Big deal if he doesn't show up.  Who cares?   I don'