Detroit Chaos
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Detroit Chaos- 2012

Probable Line-Up

Goalie: JOEY Krizek

Forwards Left Wing Center Right Wing
Line 1 - 3Ms Pete McDonald Paul McDonald Mike Macaskill
Line 2 Eric Sandstrom Captain Chaos Benninger Dwight Channer
Line 3 Andy Lovell Preston Belding Brian Kappler

Defense Left Right
Line 1 Peter Kinlin Will Owen
Line 2 Steve Pentony Aron O'Brien
Line 3    

Room Assignments

Room 1 Channer Lovell
Room 2 Kinlin Krizek
Room 3 Belding Pentony
Room 4 Sandstrom Macaskill
Room 5 Kappler Benninger
Room 6 McDonald McDonald
Room 7    
Room 8    


Game Opponent Day / Time
One RTG Systems - Burlington, ON Friday 10:30 pm
Two Wolves - Kleinburg, ON Saturday 12:00 noon
Three Twisted Caps - Georgetown, ON Saturday 5:45pm
Championship The Mighty Chaos vs ?????? Sunday 1:15pm
Name # Position
Jimmy the Greek's
Over/Under odds
This year Jimmy comes back from the dead to set the odds on the Chaos Over/Under.  This man is famous for knowing more than anyone about sports odds.  You would be wise to take this very seriously.  Odds shown are for taking the over.  For you idiots, 100-1 means the player will be over 1 in 100 times - almost no chance. 
Belding, Preston 8 F Preston Sonic Belding has been under fire for the last few years.   A total lack of production is the obvious reason.   It is almost like living in Columbus has made him like a Blue Jacket.    This year he is bringing a friend.  Let's hope this motivates him to get hot and contribute on the score sheet.    13-1
Benninger, Steve 19 C Last year was a low point in Benninger's Chaos career.  He could not put up one single goal.  The word on the street is that he has not played much but he is motivated and feels he has something to prove.  This is correct - he does have something to prove.   He needs to prove he is better than the oldest guy on the team.   I think he has a legitimate chance to bounce back.    2-5
Channer, Dwight 42 F Coming off a year where he won a player of the game award, a top performance was clearly expected in 2011.   Nobody was more disappointed than Dwight.    Despite being in his usual peak physical condition, he could not seem to get it going.    Don't expect this year to be any different.  9-1 
Kappler, Brian 26 F Brian's commitment was in question last year.  He did not even show up for the first game and was late to the second.  The rumor is that he is getting   Can this really be true.  I don't think so.  This man could be the surprise of the tournament.    But then again, I could actually come back to life and write these comments.    50-1
Kinlin, Peter 6 D Another man from  Columbus but with his Canadian heritage, Kinlin is actually a pretty good defenseman when he is not trying to play offense.   Since my goal is to predict the Over/Under, not comment on if he will do his job on D, I would take the over.   1-3 
Krizek, JOEY 30 G Krizek has slowed down noticeably.  Especially in the after-hours drinking and partying department.  For most people, this would be a good thing.   But history has shown the JOEY is the Mickey Mantle of the goaltending.   If the Chaos can get him back to using luggage carts for transportation a championship is a reasonable possibility.   But I think the Chaos will have to score, score, score, and score some more to win.    1-1
Lovell, Andy 13 F Lovell is Mr. Versatility for the Chaos.  He seems to go from Forward to Defense, then back again.   Maybe there is just no place where he fits.  I don't know where he will play this year, but I do know where you should put your money.    99-.005
Macaskill, Mike 3 C Macaskill definitely benefits from playing on a line with the McDonald's.   While he is a key contributor, clearly their play brings him up a notch.   His whining is usually down a little since he is too busy trying to clean up rebounds after a McDonald rush.   Just by being on their line he is almost a sure bet to go over.   1-6
McDonald, Pete 25 F Pete McDonald is the Gordie Howe of the Chaos.  Age does not matter at all.  His performance last year was nothing short of incredible and the stuff legends are made of (maybe even a movie). He nearly willed the entire team to the championship carrying them all on his shoulders for the first two games.   Sadly, expecting him to score 9 goals in the last game was too much even for him.   This is a tough call.  Based on his performance last year winning the Rocket Richard trophy, the bar will be set high.   2-1
McDonald, Paul 91 F Following in the skate tracks of his dad (or it it his brother?), "Y" McDonald has been a stellar player every year since joining the Chaos at a record setting young age.   All of Niagara looks forward to seeing him play and spend a years worth of butcher bucks in just a few short hours.  However this year, nagging injuries have kept him off the ice and his play will likely suffer despite the best efforts of the other 2Ms.   6-1
O'Brien, Aron 71 D Claimed off waivers, O'Brien is a last minute addition to the Chaos. According to his own self-assesment, he will be solid on D.  However, not much is known other than the fact that no other team would pick him up and the Chaos were desperate enough that once Captain Chaos confirmed that the #71 jersey would fit on him, he was added to the roster.  JOEY may now be the most nervous player on the team.  88-.005
Owen, Will 98 D Owen spent most of the season as a D-League goalie (zero shutouts), or a bench warmer and puck boy for the Lawrence Tech hockey team.   So the level of his play is suspect at best.  Combine that with the fact that he has a very hard time keeping up with the rest of the partying Chaos team and it does not seem likely that he will do much in the way of scoring ... unless you count what he pays for with his Butcher Bucks.  8-1
Pentony, Steve 7 D A new defenseman for the Chaos.  Research shows he played some youth hockey in New Jersey against some decent players like Brian Rolston and Jim Dowd.   He did such a good job the NHL scouts signed those guys up and obviously Steve is left playing for the Chaos.   Belding recruited him and claims the man can really play.  But if he is using himself as a yardstick that doesn't mean much.   80-1
Sandstrom, Eric 10 F Da Butcha has also had an injury filled year.  He is probably only going so he can escort his adopted son to the clubs.  His injuries will definitely not hamper the after hours activity.  Even playing with only one arm, he can still be a threat to score if Captain Chaos moves him up to forward.   But since the games will not be played with soccer nets, he will not likely score.  25-1
Hill, Jason   Wuss Not playing.  Hopefully JOEY will be sober and done celebrating by the puck drop.
Phlactou, Steve   Wuss He was becoming a key member of the Chaos.    But sadly, the Canadian has decided he would rather stay home than play hockey.   Phluck him.
Winchester, Chris   DeserterD He is moving to California.  Turning into a beach bum.   No more hockey.   Too bad for the Chaos.  He was a fairly decent addition to the team even if his reliability was always a big question mark.
Totzke, Jay   Wuss I don't think we need this guy anyway.  Big deal if he doesn't show up.  Who cares?   I don'
Fidler, Terry   Wuss Does anybody remember him?