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Detroit Chaos Debacle- 2013

Saturday would be an epic evening in Chaos history as the planned pub crawl in downtown Kalamazoo would turn out to be the Andy crawl when the team returned to the hotel.   This was to be the evening of The JOEY, Andy, and Tyler show.   But would JOEY return to Toronto and Niagara form?  No, this was not the case.  This was the case of JOEY outsmarting Andy.   Andy has not seen this much trouble since his soaking in Toronto 13 years ago.   You see, JOEY challenged Andy to a drinking contest.  Those who know Andy were pretty confident JOEY would not last long, but to everyone's surprise, Andy went downhill fast.  How could this happen?  Simple, JOEY had been studying Chaos motivation.  Some classics such as Stealth, Know your limits, take charge, and  most significant ... show no mercy.   JOEY showed no mercy as he thoroughly outclassed Andy.   How can this be?  Well, JOEY had made a deal with the bartender to put water in his shots and double up on Andy's  Well, Andy did not figure it out and the rest is history.  

Below left is the picture of JOEY at the moment he declared Victory.

In the back is Tyler who had an epic evening of his own.  Tyler  is obviously in no position to argue and no, this picture was not taken at a bowling alley despite the look of those shoes.  Tyler was a late addition to the team and he was on probation all weekend.  Apparently he didn't know it because unfortunately he did not understand that Chaos starts with C and Class also starts with C. Chaos = Class   and Tyler did not seem to measure up.    His bar performance may have been OK for a veteran, but not a rookie.   Only the Captain will be able to decide if his actions off the ice will keep him off the ice next year.   The fans are left wondering.

Great Quotes - Part 1
The hillbilly taxi driver taking the Chaos team back to the hotel talking about Tyler
"What's the matter with that kid", as Dwight and Steve literally carry him into the taxi van. "He had better not puke in my van!" she emphatically declares. "Hell, my 16 year old can hold his liquor better than him. He can drink a couple bottles of whiskey and still talk straight. This kid was probably just drinking beer and he is this bad." Tyler then begins to squirm and he and Andy request a window to be opened.  She yells back, "It will cost you an extra $80 if he throws up in the cab. Maybe I should just pull over and let you boys walk home (we are in the middle of the country side and literally 4 miles from our hotel on a back-road). "I'm telling you, he had better not puke in my van!"  Dwight offers her an extra $20 to keep driving. Once again, negotiates us out of a real jam.

The great events after the team returned to the hotel will be forever be remembered along with some of the great events of the past: 

Pete downs 5 shots, misses championship game

Andy nearly drowns in bed

Steve and JOEY ride the luggage cart to their room

The Super 8 motel party with Pete sweet talking the hotel manager

Now we have Andy thinking his bed was the front bushes of the hotel.  It took most of the Chaos team to get Andy back to his room and it may have been the most entertaining evening event in history.   

Great quotes - Part 2

After Andy crawls down the hall from the elevator to his room while redepositing his dinner and drinks in several locations along the way.  JOEY making movies and cackling the entire time.

Steve B:   "It looks like a cat had the runs"
Pete M:  "We've had worse"
"Really?"   (this is my favorite all time quote and it is only one word)