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Use Your Assets !

Great hockey players always use all of their ASSets.  Makes sense right?  If you have a great physical talent, then make sure you use it to the best of your ability.   Look at this person on the right.  Talk about using your greatest asset - this person is a master.  Clearly balance is this person's greatest asset.  Look at those ankles and tiny feet.  Despite the incredible bulk above, this person can still maintain balance.   This is like balancing a car on a broomstick.  Simply amazing.  To make it even more impressive and to be a bit of a showoff, the person has found a way to balance a kid on top of their next greatest asset.

We have lots of talent on the Chaos.  Look at the 3Ms for example - Pete's greatest asset is without a doubt his blazing wrist shot.  Notice also how he uses his big mouth as motivation and his web design talent has won many awards.  Paul also has received great gifts from his Dad.  He has a pretty good shot too, but his Dad is his greatest asset.   Mike has many assets too, but to be recognized as one of the 3Ms his greatest asset is simply that his name begins with M and he plays with the McDonald brothers.   Of course there are other Chaos players who consistently use their greatest assets too.  Da Butcha and da butcha's stick, Captain Chaos and his will to win.  Lovell and ......  well, almost all ....