Detroit Chaos
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Detroit Chaos- 2013 - Kalamazoo

Toughen up

A hockey player must be tough.  Certainly tougher than a basketball player.   That looks like a clean break to me.  Should  be easy to put it back in place, then a small splint and some tape.  Good to go and get your lazy butt back in the game. 

What is wrong with basketball players anyway?  A bunch sissies.  If you touch them when they are trying to take a shot then they get a free shot from about 15 feet.  Nobody is even allowed to try to block it.  Imagine if hockey adopted an insane rule like this.  Every time somebody gets touched they get a free shot at an unguarded net from 15 feet.  I guarantee that you would not have guys missing completely or shooting 50%.  Why?  Because hockey players are tough and smart. Not like basketball players.