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Detroit Chaos- 2013

Chaos 2014 Team.
Front: Y McDonald, L. Diaspro (rookie), D. Channer, J. Krizek, S. Benninger,
Middle: T. VanHeukelom (rookie), O McDonald, J. Stachowski
Back: P. Kinlin, McCaskill, W. Owen, J. Hill, B. Kappler, A. McNamara, A. Lovell

The Chaos took their act to Kalamazoo intending to add another Championship to their remarkable record. This was planned to be their first championship in the USA. Most of the usual roster made the trip along with 3 rookies. Unfortunately this weekend would not be remembered as much for the hockey as it would be for the collection of great quotes.

Game 1 against the Goaldiggers -  It looks like the Chaos are going to dominate as expected.   They score first with Benninger and Macaskill working like demons around the net.   They never give up and managed to pound the puck out from under the goalie.  The puck squirted out to Kappler who was nearly asleep out on the other side of the crease.  Fortunately he woke up when the puck hit his stick and he had an easy tap-in to put the Chaos up 1-0.    But the rest of the game would not be as easy  and the Chaos gave up a goal to tie the game at 1.  The next goal was scored by Captain Chaos himself as he reached out with his stick and redirected a fluttering Lovell wrist shot into the top corner of the net.  But the Chaos were not on their A game and could not hold the lead and it was soon 2-2... Thanks JOEY.  .   Neither team could score the rest of the way or in the overtime so the game went to a shootout .... just in time for Channer to show up so nobody could accuse him of missing the game.


JOEY stopped the first shot and Y McDonald led it off for the Chaos and of course, taking after his Dad, he buried it.  Absolutely no chance for the goalie.


Unfortunately, JOEY could not hold the lead and and it was tied.   Then, for some inexplicable reason, Captain Chaos lost his mind.  He decided to rely on rookies instead of experienced, seasoned Chaos veterans.  He sent Tyler out who of course choked ... but at least he hit the crossbar. 


Then to nobody's surprise, JOEY stepped up big time and kept it at 1-1.  Next up would be another rookie ... Mr. McNamara.   With a chance to be the hero and win the game.  But wait a minute, he refused.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he refused.   Apparently he simply did not want the responsibility so Captain Chaos stepped up himself to show the Rookie how to seal a victory.   The suspense was nearly unbearable, but only for the rookies.  All of the Chaos veterans knew that the game was over and of course they were right.  Captain Chaos scored to seal another player of the game award and the Friday celebration started.


The Chaos victory was worth 3 points and the Goaldiggers got 1 point, which would be the difference between them playing in the finals and us, because they would win their next two games and we would lose one, thus they finish with 7 points and the Chaos have only 6 points.  They end up winning the tournament even though they lost to us.

Game 2 was an early start - 8:00am.  It looked good for the Chaos as Y McDonald opened the scoring early.   But the rookies on D were not sharp.   Diaspro and McNamara for those of you wondering.  The Lucky Pucks scored 3 straight.   Clearly The Rookie McNamara was feeling bad and he decided to try for a shift.  He went end-to-end for a beautiful goal to get the Chaos back within 2.   Y McDonald stepped up and brought the Chaos to 4-3 but once again the Defense and JOEY were not sharp and gave up another.  5-3.  Once again, Rookie McNamara goes coast to coast for a beauty to make it 5-4.   But in this see-saw game the next goal was scored by the Lucky Pucks. 6-4.   Captain Chaos scored next in this wild game to make it 6-5 and there was hope for the Chaos.   But the Lucky Pucks prevailed with another score and incredibly the Chaos actually gave up 7 goals.


A very tough call on player of the game.  The Rookie probably had the 2 best goals of the weekend in this game, but unfortunately he was also one of the defensemen that have to accept responsibility for giving up 7 goals.  Therefore, the sportswriters have awarded the Player of the game to Y McDonald for his 2 goals.

Game 3 – A 2:30 game against the Midwest Gang.  


Benninger opened the scoring unassisted and Macaskill somehow managed to score next.   This puts the Chaos up 2-0.

O McDonald, who has not done much to this point, suggests moving Will up for some offensive punch and it immediately pays off for a 3-0 Chaos lead.    The Midwest Gang woke up and scored 2 but Captain Chaos stepped up to restore the lead. 4-2. 


Tyler's line was not doing much.   He was not playing well, but add the fact that Stachowski was on his line, and it was prety well hopeless.   To make him feel better, Captain Chaos moved him up to the top line and Tyler woke up and finally scored a goal to make it 5-2.   The Midwest Gang responded to keep it close and the score was 5-3.  But Will Owen scored on a real pass from Tyler to restore the 3 goal lead and the game ended with the Chaos on top 6-3.  


 To get to the Championship game the Chaos got the needed win and needed help from Lucky Pucks to beat the Goaldiggers.  Unfortunately lthe Goaldiggers blasted them 8-6.

Goaldiggers (whom we beat in shootout the night before) beat Lucky Pucks and earn final bid by one point over us against Ryan’s Stonecutters, whom Goaldiggers beat 4-2. 


The Chaos let this title bit slip through their fingertips.   Hard to stomach the fact that they beat the team that won the Championship.

From the 2013 Ripley's believe it or not book, we can pull out an incredible but true stat.  Old McDonald and Dwight Channer were both shut-out.  Not one point between them.  In fact,  Lovell had more points than both of them combined. That is unacceptable but maybe it is why Andy went on a celebration binge on Saturday night.