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Detroit Chaos- 2013 - Kalamazoo

Probable Line-Up

Goalie: JOEY Krizek

Forwards Left Wing Center Right Wing
Line 1 - 3Ms Pete McDonald Mike Macaskill Paul McDonald
Line 2 Dwight Channer Captain Chaos Benninger Brian Kappler
Line 3 Jim Stachowski Tyler VanHeukelom Jason Hill

Defense Left Right
Line 1 Lenny Diaspro Andy Lovell
Line 2 Alex McNamara Will Owen
Line 3 Peter Kinlin  

Room Assignments

Room 1 Kappler Stachowski
Room 2 Channer Lovell
Room 3 Paul McDonald Owen
Room 4 Krizek Kinlin
Room 5 Hill Macaskill
Room 6 VanHeukelom McNamara
Room 7 Benninger Sandstrom
Room 8 McDonald Diaspro


Game Opponent Day / Time
Championship Chaos Vs ????? Sunday
Name # Position
Mickey's Mojo
The Chaos webmaster has managed to get Mickey Redmond, hockey great and beloved Red Wing announcer, to provide some insight about the 2013 Chaos roster.  Pay attention.  This man knows his hockey.
Benninger, Steve 19 F Despite his advancing age, Captain Chaos was over by a point last year and really stepped up his game. But when the title was on the line, he could not step it up enough. The rumor this year is that he has lowered himself to playing center in a spring D league to try to build his confidence back up. The Chaos must hope he can regain his form when it really counts.
Channer, Dwight 42 F Channer tripled his over/under number last year. Nobody can figure out where this came from but one thing is certain: it is NOT likely to happen again. If the Chaos are counting on Channer to carry the team then a visit to Church will be the only thing they do together on Championship Sunday.
Diaspro, Lenny 7 D Pete's cousin has been on the roster several times. But he has never been on the ice. Will he actually make it this year or will the Ohio boy find an excuse to stay home? One thing is certain - anyone related to Pete is definitely a solid addition to the team and will certainly help the Chaos' chances of winning a championship.
Hill, Jason 17 F The Captain is digging deep - it looks like J. Hill is back on the Chaos this year. He is typically a decent performer with his goal being to get off the ice without a minus. You might want to bet the over because the rumor is that he will be up front on wing for the Captain.
Kappler, Brian 26 F Korporal Kappler exactly met expectations last year. But for the Chaos, that is not saying much. One point meets expectations? This is a guy who really needs to step it up now that he is playing in his home country. Typically an under-performer, a man with his level of talent should be able to take home player of the game honors at least once in his life-time.
Kinlin, Peter 6 D Kinlin is the only member of the 2013 Chaos who did not tally a point last year. If the Chaos are going to take home a Championship then Kinlin is one of the keys. He must wake up, get his shot down, and make a contribution at the offensive end or he will likely be trade bait for Captain Chaos next year.
Krizek, JOEY 30 G Obviously the Chaos love JOEY. Unlike the Canadians who will not even let him into our country. Proof is the fact that Captain Chaos and the rest of the team decided to skip Canada altogether and play in a rinky-dink tournament in Kalamazoo. JOEY is really excited about the location since there are a few new bars to explore. Let's hope that he is excited to perform on the ice too. When I look at the Chaos D this year, it is obvious he will be seeing some rubber.
Lovell, Andy 13 D Lovell is another player who seems content to merely meet his expectation and tally one point. The Captain has decided to try to hide him on D this year which should provide him some motivation. Expect Lovell to be a strong physical presence back there dishing out some solid checks and clearing the front of JOEY's net. Or not.
Macaskill, Mike 3 F Macaskill has seemed reborn since Captain Chaos created the famous 3M line a few years ago. Last year he benefited from playing with "O" and "Y" McDonald and blew away his over/under number. He has not fared so well in his D league play this year, but assuming the McDonald brothers carry him again, he should look much better than he really is. 
McDonald, Pete 25 F For the second year in a row, "O" McDonald suffered a near fatal injury on the ice and missed almost all of the hockey season. His shattered collarbone was not fully healed last year and despite a heroic effort, he was only able to put up 2 points. According to his doctor, his re-attached bicep is still not healed so we should not expect the usual blazing wristshots so he will have to find another way to score. But don't worry. He will be there, he will be ready. He reminds me of Howe and Delvecchio. He is a warrior. He is my favorite player.
McDonald, Paul 91 F "Y" McDonald had an off year in 2012 and fell well short of expectations. He was the only Chaos player to step it up in the Championship game but his one goal was not enough. For the Chaos to win, Paul has to get the lead out, train harder, and return to his old form in every game. Or at least return to his Dad's old form since his performance last year was clearly unacceptable.
McNamara 4 D Alex Who?  Never heard of him.   I have checked with my sources and it seems like Captain Chaos is gathering "talent" from his D League team. Apparently he has forgotten that it is pretty easy to shine in a D league. Let's hope Captain Chaos has seen something in Alex that the rest of the world has missed. Othewise JOEY will be a very busy man.
Owen, Will 98 D Willy O has definitely been a solid addition to the Chaos. Very good on D, and also a solid contributer at the offensive end. The biggest concern is his legendary inability to avoid going overboard on the sodas and talking to the toilet. If the Captain can just keep him out of the local clubs then there is a good chance that JOEY will get a breather once in a while.
Sandstrom, Eric 10 IR Da famous Butcha is on the sideline this  year.  Will he show up to watch?  OK, I know, that was mean since he can't play because he can't see.   The Chaos will miss his strong play, leadership and escort service for the young men.   Odds are he will still show up just for the beer.
Stachowski, Jim 28 F Stachowski has been away from the Chaos for many years. In fact, he goes all the way back to the Toronto days and never made the trip to Niagara Falls. I'm not sure why he is back since he is both older and slower and his typical complaining is likely to give Macaskill a run for his money this year. Unless his over/under is zero then you should take the under.
VanHeukelom, Tyler 56 F This is a big surprise. Despite his constant lobbying, the boy known as either Van-hacksalot or Vanhooksalot, was not expected to be a Chaos for at least another year while he learned to behave and stay out of the penalty box. Clearly he will be watched closely and 2013 will be his probationary period. Let's hope he can behave himself both on and off the ice and earn a permanent spot on the team. There is no doubt that he has the ability to be a member for a long, long time.