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Probable Line-Up

Goalie: JOEY Krizek

Forwards Left Wing Center Right Wing
Line 1 D. Channer S. Benninger P. McDonald
Line 2 P. Kinlin T. VanHackssalot B. Kappler
Line 3 A. Lovell J. Cox P. Belding

Defense Left Right
Line 1 A. McNamara M. Macaskill
Line 2   A. O'Brien
Line 3 M. Macha T. Schraffenberger

Room Assignments
Courtyard Kalamazoo Portage
400 Trade Centre Way
Portage, MI  49002

Room 1 Steve/Aron/Paul
Room 2 Peter/JOEY
Room 3 Kappler/Belding
Room 4 Lovell/Channer
Room 5 Macha/Troy
Room 6 Alex/Macaskill
Tyler's Pad Tyler/James


Game / Location Opponent Day / Time
One / Wings (Wings) Kelly's Heroes Friday 9:00pm
Two / Wings (Cube) Rabid Squirrels Saturday Noon
Three / Wings (Wings) Viceroy Saturday 6:00pm
Semi Final / Wings (TBD) Chaos vs TBD Sunday 7:45 or 8:45
Championship / Wings (Cube) Chaos vs TBD Sunday 12:30
Name # Position
Mickey's Mojo
The Chaos webmaster has managed to get Mickey Redmond, hockey great and beloved Red Wing announcer, to provide some insight about the 2015 Chaos roster.  Pay attention.  This man knows his hockey.
Belding, Preston 8 F The return of Belding could be a great sign for the Chaos. Preston has tasted greatness from the glory days of the Toronto and Niagara championships.  Alas, maybe Captain Chaos is going senile this year since Belding used to just basically wear the uniform and contribute foul air to the off-rink get togethers. The Chaos can only hope that he will return with more game and less gas. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY UNDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Benninger, Steve 19 F Captain Chaos has tasted one championship this year as a Screaming Beaver. Can he pull off another for the Chaos. His grittiness is unquestioned and as everyone knows, his passing is nearly at an acceptable level. As his boys have gotten older, they have whipped on him pretty good. He has missed a few games with nagging injuries and may have lost a step, but if anyone can will the puck into the net, it is Captain Chaos. Can he shake off the nagging injuries carry the team on his back? We shall see.
Channer, Dwight 42 F Once again Channer joins the Chaos from Timbuctoo and he has been praying to be on a line with Captain Chaos and Paul so he has a reasonable chance of tallying a point. The scouts say he is getting some playing time and tallying some points, but the competition in Timbuctoo is not much so don't be deceived. At a minimum, expect Dwight to step up and be the Enforcer this year.
Cox, James 25 F Cox? I can understand why the Screaming Beavers need Cox, but the proud Chaos franchise? Well, I guess if Tyler can somehow be chosen to return, there is no reason Cox can't get his trial too. Obviously he benefits by having an Uncle recovering from yet another surgery. Expect James to back check like a fiend and shoot like a 26 year old Channer. I would pick the under on this guy even though he will wear the "O" McDonald jersey.
Kappler, Brian 26 F Captain Chaos continues to endure allocating a jersey to Kappler. Perhaps he is counting on Billy coming along and making up for the decline of his father. Seems like this has happened on the Chaos before. Brian has not played much this year but anyone who knows him, also knows that once he dons the Chaos jersey his game seems to elevate. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Kinlin, Peter 6 D The former Canadien, now Blue Jacket lover was recently seen at a Red Wing game. Perhaps he is motivating himself to step up and recapture some of the glory from his time in Detroit. Let's hope so. This is another of Captain Chaos' old guard who needs to have a flashback and do something great. I would take the over on him. He is due since I don't think he has done much the last 5 years.
Krizek, JOEY 30 G JOEY has had flashes of greatness this year backstopping the Screaming Beavers to their first championship (and also his first Beaver playoff win). But he was also lit up the week the Tuesday Chaos unveiled their new jerseys. Which JOEY will show up? Will it be the great JOEY, or the JOEY who gives up goals from beyond the blue line? Will it be the JOEY on the luggage cart, or JOEY the tea drinking trickster? Let's just say only one of them has ever won a championship .... give that boy some SCOTCH.
Lovell, Andy 13 F Lovell and Belding together again. A scary thought. For the Chaos. A really scary thought for James. But let's be fair,  Lovell is a seasoned veteran who really knows what the Chaos weekend is all about. Let's hope the new hotel has a comfortable front lawn so Andy can get a good night's sleep and be ready to step on the ice.
Macaskill, Mike 3 D Macaskill is returning to the Chaos. But the 3M line will not be there to carry him, so Captain Chaos has decided to hide him on defense. At least if he is back there it won't be a surprise to only see his name on the score sheet in the penalty section. Mike has privately admitted that he is slowing down, but don't be surprised to see him step up ... er, WAAAA up once the Chaos jersey is pulled on. Hopefully he has a new Sher-wood ready for the hand shake line.
Macha, Mike 7 D Macha stepped up his game this year and has been playing several times a week. In addition to being the goalie's best friend, he has stepped up and scored his share of goals. I would take the over on this guy. If he plays half as good as he thinks he is, then he may well lead the team in points.
McDonald, Pete 25 F Unfortunately, "O" McDonald is at home again recovering from another near fatal injury. As usual, he fully expects to set a record for the quickest recovery in history. His torn rotator cuff severely limited his effectiveness this year but he is planning to be ready for the fall season. He is not a big wuss like that boxer Pacquiao who will need 9-12 months to return. He is a hockey player. He is a Chaos. He will be ready in 3-4 months. He is crazy,.
McDonald, Paul 91 F "Y" McDonald has seen his point production drop over the last few years. Could it be that he relied more on "O" McDonald than anyone realized? This would be my bet. Or maybe it is because he has been relying on McDonalds for too many meals. Captain Chaos has him as a right wing this year so hopefully Paul will step up his game and shatter a few water bottles for old time's sake.
McNamara, Alex 2 D Alex has not been playing much hockey since he left the Screaming Beavers in December. But this guy has talent and Captain Chaos is counting on him to step right up and be in mid season form from the opening puck drop. Alex was really looking forward to rooming with Tyler again this year, but Captain Chaos has decided to separate them since they both seemed to have weak legs the last time they were together.
O'Brien, Aron 71 D Aron has been solid for the Chaos each year, but he has yet to drink from the championship cup. This guy can be a difference maker if he plays at the top of his game instead of relying on the rest of the Chaos players to do all the work. If the line-up holds with Kinlin as his partner on D then my recommendation is to take the under on this guy since he will have to stay back while Peter is busy playing forward.
Sandstrom, Eric 10 F Da Butcha was on the roster up until he visited China a couple of weeks ago.   We all know the last time he was there, he brought back the famous yeast infection rash on his head.  Well, he is a late cancellation.   The rumors are flying that this time it was not his head and he simply is unable to put on his hockey jock to play for the Chaos.
Schraffenberger, Troy 4 F Fresh off his well deserved Keith Primeau award for wasted potential, Troy will be on the ice in Kalamazoo trying to show he deserves the honor of wearing the Chaos jersey. The entire team will definitely have to work on motivating this guy since he is a classic coaster out there. Troy can definitely be the difference between winning and losing if he brings his A game. However, the smart move here would be the play the UNDER.
VanHeukelom, Tyler 56 F Tyler is lucky. The rumor was that Tyler would be in the stands in his home town, but his bestest ever roomie Alex begged Captain Chaos to put him on the roster. So the long probationary period for Tyler continues. Captain Chaos would be well advised to plan his penalty killing lines well in advance since the local referees probably know Tyler by now. I would go with the over .... but only on penalty minutes, alcohol consumption, spooning with Alex ......