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Probable Line-Up

Goalie: JOEY Krizek

Forwards Left Wing Center Right Wing
Line 1 O. McDonald S. Benninger Y. McDonald
Line 2 B. Kappler D. Sulpizio A. Lovell
Line 3 T. VanHacks J. Cox P. Belding

Defense Left Right
Line 1 M. Macha T. Schraffenberger
Line 2 A. O'Brien W. Owen
Line 3 E. Sandstrom P. Kinlin

Room Assignments
Courtyard Kalamazoo Portage
400 Trade Centre Way
Portage, MI 49002
 Phone: 269-382-5808

Room 1 JOEY/Tyler/Troy
Room 2 O / Y McDonald/Cox
Room 3 Sandstrom/Kinlin
Room 4 Benninger/Belding/O'Brien/Owen
Room 5 Lovell/Kappler
Room 6 Macha/Sulpizio


Game / Location Opponent Day / Time
One / Wings West The Midwest  Gang Friday 5:30pm
Two / Wings West B2 Bombers Saturday 1:45pm
Three / Wings West Janesville Ice Dogs Saturday 7:00pm
Championship / Wings Event Chaos vs TBD Sunday 10:30am
Name # Position
Mickey's Mojo
The Chaos webmaster has managed to get Mickey Redmond, hockey great and beloved Red Wing announcer, to provide some insight about the 2016 Chaos roster.  Pay attention.  This man knows his hockey.
Belding, Preston 8 F Belding's return to the Chaos last year was a key reason for the Chaos to regain their Championship form.   Uurp... pass me another beer.     For the over-under this year don't expect him to duplicate last  year's performance unless there is an over-under on sonic booms.
Benninger, Steve 19 F Captain Chaos had a stellar tournament last year.  No question about it.  Many thought it was time for him to come to the booth and drink beer with me.  But no, he really stepped it up.    The Chaos faithful are  hoping he can do it again this year.   Take the over as long as it is not more than 5.
Cox, James 25 F Last year Cox had the honor and luck to wear  the "O" McDonald jersey.   The result was predictable as he followed in his Uncle's skate strides with a stellar performance and goals at key times.   This will be his 2nd year as a Chaos member and his probationary period is far from over.   Let's see if he can behave as well as he plays.  I would take the under on him since he won't have the benefit of the "O McDonald" jersey this year.
Kappler, Brian 26 F Kappler did not do much last year.  He didn't have to.  But  he did have an epic moment when he made a huge block with his foot in the semi-final game.  His foot looked pretty bad.  Might have even been broken.  Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, it did not slow him down at all.  As always, take the under on this guy.
Kinlin, Peter 6 D One of the Ohio contingent, Kinlin will be back on D this year due to a glut of forwards.  Don't expect that to stop him from crashing the net and playing some offense.  Expect him to go over on both the over/under and most "-" shifts of all D-men.
Krizek, JOEY 30 G JOEY turned back the clock last year and played an incredible tournament.   It certainly helped that the competition was a little sub standard.  But hey, you do have to stop the puck and he did it well enough to be the winning goalie in the tournament.    It is tough to pitch a shutout, it is tough to repeat.  But my money is on JOEY to do it ...... uuuuurrrrrrppppp ......   I need another beer.
Lovell, Andy 13 F Lovell is an enigma.  One year in Toronto he was nearly invisible due to having a young lady in tow.    In Kzoo, he still holds the record for most minutes sleeping on the hotel lawn - wow.  But last year he had 2 youngsters with him and it really slowed him down.   What will happen this year?    He was t he only player without a point last year, so if you have to ask me if he will be over or under then you are as dumb as a basketball player.
Macha, Mike 7 D Macha  played about as well as he could last year and at times was actually the 2nd best Defenseman on the ice for the Chaos.  Leading up to the tourney, he has been a leader on 2 teams - one championship, one runner-up.   He could go over if he is lucky enough to be paired with Alex ... but Alex is not playing.   He will have to play with Primeau.  I would take the under. 
McDonald, Pete 25 F 2 weeks before the tournament O McDonald was seen hobbling around barely able to walk.  The smart money was on him doing nothing more than creating an award winning website.  But dedication, stupidity, and a cortisone shot directly into his knee make him a likely candidate for comeback player of the year.    If he can stand, he can play.  If he can play, he will play.  If he plays, he will play well and certainly he will go over.  No doubt about it.
McDonald, Paul 91 F "Y" McDonald is another player who turned back the clock last year.  His inspired play and key goals reminded everyone of his first few years on the team and also reminded people of  every year that his Dad played.  Paul has been fighting a shoulder injury but should be able to man-up like his Dad and play.  If that happens, look out since he will probably be paired with "O McDonald" and the red light will be lit many times.   OVER.
O'Brien, Aron 71 D Aron finally took a drink from the championship cup last year.  For the Chaos to repeat, he will have to play at least as well as last year.   You see, the tournament organizers heard that O McDonald was returning and bumped the Chaos up a division.   My thinking is that Aron is one of the players who will thrive on the challenge.   I would take the over.
Owen, Will 5 D Look out ... Willy O is back!   He has not played much but with all that talent and the big head he has about it, there is a reasonable chance he will contribute and play well.  In fact, Captain Chaos is counting on Will to be the #1 defenseman after he learned that Alex McNamara would not be able to play.  Owen has shown flashes of greatness in the past.  Who could  ever forget his first year in Niagara.  Nobody has ever kept better score than him.    Take the over .... he will.
Sandstrom, Eric 10 F Da Butcha is back.   Da butcha is from Marquette which was just named  Hockeyville  USA for 2016.  What the hell is that?  Will it help the Chaos?  No way.  It has nothing to do with Kzoo.    But just having da Butcha back to help train the youngsters on the team will certainly have an impact - it will be very, very difficult to repeat the Championship.   As much as he is a throwback kind of guy, I would have to take the under on points, over on penalties.
Schraffenberger, Troy 4 F You have to give me some credit.  Last year I called  Troy out on being the Primeau of the team.  He seemed to take offense and on occasion, he stepped it up.  In fact, he actually had the first goal in one of the games.   I am telling you, this guy can be a difference maker.  Wait, he is a difference maker.   He will either work his rear off and help win the championship or lounge around the ice and watch the other team win the championship.  I'm taking the under.  Keith Primeau never did anything right twice in a row. 
Sulpizio, Derek 12 F Derek is the ringer for the year.  A late addition to the team, Captain Chaos is counting on Derek to make up for the addition of O. McDonald.   Based on Derek's performance for the Screaming Beavers, he should be able to do it.   His toughest task will be to carry the line-mates that Captain Chaos has stuck with him.   But don't sell him short.  He works hard and always seems to find a way to score.  I would take the over on him. 
VanHeukelom, Tyler 56 F Tyler is still on the Chaos.  Incredible.   How many penalties did he have last year?   I don't remember, but he was more than double the next closest guy.   He sure has bad luck.  Or maybe he really does hack-a-lot.  I think I know.   This is another guy who is a difference maker.  He will either make a huge contribution to a win, or be one of the big reasons for a loss.  My money is on the win this year since Captain Chaos has more depth and could easily rest him on the bench if Tyler rests too often in his office.     Don't be surprised if he is over.   (I sure hope he didn't hear me)
Channer, Dwight   Wimp Out This is a big loss.  Odds for a Chaos repeat dropped dramatically once the odds makers learned that Channer couldn't make the trip.   The Chaos have never brought home a Championship without his incredible play - normally on the wing for Captain Chaos.   Dwight had been tearing up the Phoenix leagues this year .... well, almost anyone can tear up the Phoenix leagues.   Maybe his absence is not such a big deal after all.
McNamara, Alex   Wimp Out Without question Alex was a key contributor to the championship last year.   His steady defense allowed the rest of the team, like Macha, to run wild and play out of position constantly.  He is also one of the few calming influences on the young guys.  He will be missed .... but not really for his play on the ice since Captain Chaos managed to upgrade the D with the addition of Willy Owen.