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Steven Tyler - Dude

Dude ..... what is wrong with this guy?  Why would a guy want to advertise that he looks like a lady?  Especially a rock'n roller?

On the other hand, his name is Tyler.   Hmmm, the Chaos have a guy named Tyler.  One of the young Chaos punks.  Does he look like a lady?   Dude Tyler .... looks like a lady.    No, this is not right.  Tyler does not look like a lady.  He might play like a lady, and whine like one who is having her bad week of the month.  But Tyler does not look like a lady.

The Chaos do not need Dudes that look like ladies. They need guys who look like hockey players.  Better yet, they need guys who play like hockey players.   Like Pete McDonald .... except he is not on the roster so it will be a tough week on the Chaos dudes.