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Stealth .... by James Cox

This is incredible.  James Cox.  The Yoopers all know him as the #1 punk on the Chaos.  The Chaos all know him as part of the Tyler/Cox hack attack.  But did they know that he really a 300 pound southern black talk show host?    I didn't and I'm his uncle.  Talk about STEALTH.   This kid has managed to fly under the radar for years.   It took the power of the Internet to uncover the truth about his true character and heritage.   

 We have had some great Chaos Stealth motivations in the past ....... "Anything is possible" ... "Take Advantage" ....."Be Resourceful"  ,  Wily Fox , , The Van Chair Mexican , the hidden refrigerator of beerMexican woman in a dashboard, Australian man with pigeons in his pants, Japanese woman living in a closetSoccer fan copping a feel, and the Sunbathing man but James seems to have upped the ante with this one. 

Captain Chaos is hopeful that now that James is out of the closet he can establish a powerful presence in front of the net and find a way to score come goals.  Stealth .... a Chaos tradition for the past 100 years.