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Fame ... by Tyler

2017 is the year that Tyler is finally off probation.  At least that is what he said and what he thinks.  Final confirmation must come from Andy Lovell for this webmaster to really believe it.  In any case, it is certainly time for Tyler to provide some motivation for the team .... instead of penalties, asinine behavior at the bar and general obnoxiousness ... if that is even a word.   It didn't take long for the Internet to provide some gems.  Apparently, Tyler is known around the world and not just on the Chaos.  This young man has FAME.    FAME is good no matter if it is good or bad.  It is good to be well known and luckily we have Tyler on the team.  Take a look at these.  It is obvious that I didn't have to make any of this up.  It all fits perfectly.  Tyler is Tyler ... he knows everything (just ask him) .  Certainly the guy below who says "You don't teach Tyler, Tyler teaches Tyler" is spot on.   Who could have taught him to behave like he does or have such warped views?  It could only happen if he taught himself.  No self respecting teacher would want credit for that.  Look at that old Asian gentleman.  I have to say that this guy must be Confucius since his comment is so accurate.    But wait, how can The Most Interesting Man in the World also know Tyler and want to wish him Happy Birthday?   This is a mystery to me ... unless, of course he has been drinking Dos Equis all day ... which must be the case.    And then there is the other gentleman who is looking forward to telling Tyler Happy Birthday .....  But I won't go there since this is a motivation page.

Fame - we should all strive for fame.   But let's try to do it by accomplishing something great on the ice.