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Well, as long time followers of the Chaos, we have definitely seen our share of idiots who somehow managed to find a way for our webmaster to use as motivation.  But best not to be an idiot in the Philippines.   Apparently if you are an idiot who lives in the Philippines it is OK for the police to just kill you.     So .... don't be an idiot especially if you are on the Chaos roster.  We need you to win.  Don't be an idiot and sleep on the hotel lawn.  Don't be an idiot and miss the championship game while you sleep in the bathtub.  Don't be an idiot and take a luggage cart ride to your room.   The Chaos need smart players so be smart.  Don't be an idiot. 

But we all know that on a Chaos weekend someone is going to be an idiot.  It is just the way it is.  So let's all hope that Captain Chaos is careful and never schedules us to play for a hockey championship in The Philippines.