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Aaron Olmstead:  Drive Carefully

The Chaos weekend is in Marquette this year.  That is a long drive.   It is even longer if you are in Troy's 15 person rental van.   It is even longer than long if you happen to be the one who has to sit next to Tyler.    If you happen to be the driver of that van then you need to drive carefully.  Don't let anything get out of hand back there.  Don't miss a turn like poor Jennifer did or one of your passengers might just bite off your nose.  This could be a significant problem.   How would you breath out there on the ice without a nose?

What do you think this Aaron guy was thinking on the ride to his appointment.    It must be pretty simple now that I think about it.   He was probably simply looking out the front window and said to himself, "if she turns the wrong way here, I think I will just bite her nose off".    I bet that Jennifer would agree 100% with this motivation page.   If she had just been more careful, she would probably still have her nose.    As a side note, personally, I feel that something is missing in this article.   We have a picture of Aaron, but it seems like we should also have a picture of Jennifer.    Without the picture of her, I will just have to conclude this is fake news.    But at least it is funny.