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Jordan Kajewski

I really don't know what to say about this one.  Rarely am I stumped.   Surely there has to be some motivation in this.    A naked guy.  A naked guy in a chimney.   A naked guy in a chimney that looks like Jordan Kajewski.    My motivation is simple ... don't get naked and climb down chimneys.    Dress properly.   Yes, dress properly will be the lesson we all learn from Jordan.   Dress like Santa Clause if you plan to climb down a chimney.  Then if you are caught you can just claim your are Santa Clause.  That is better than everyone thinking you were looking for aluminum cans in the bottom of a chimney with no clothes on.   Dress properly.  This applies to hockey too.   Wear your helmet.  Wear your cup.  Wear your shoulder pads.    Dress properly and you will play well and contribute to a Chaos Championship.   Go Chaos !