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2019 Pictures and Notes

 A great time was had by all.  Here is a great team picture we had Saturday afternoon at lunch time


As always the Chaos experience is not only fun, but educational for us all.    This year we all learned a valuable lesson from Troy.    There is no point in beating around the bush on this one.   I will dispense with the background of the discussion and simply provide us with his answer to the question "Why" ..... Responds Troy .....  "If you got sh-- on your arm you wouldn't wipe it off with a piece of paper would you".   Truly a classic.   If it had happened last year it may have been in the running for the "Great Moments in Chaos History" Contest. Thanks Troy!!!!

Scroll down for some great game-action pictures. 



Preston Belding:

Mr. Reliability ready to deliver a perfect pass to his buddy Lovell.

Steve Benninger:  AKA Captain Chaos

Without the puck??

Justin Bieber:

Trying hard to look like he is trying


Captain Chaos:

The Little Engine that thought he could.

Eric da Butcha: Looking for someone to slew-foot or hack.


Captain Chaos - 

Perhaps Eric and Troy are on to something with those white skates. I think my next skates will be white too.

Cwight Danner:   Thinks he can score from there?  (well at least the Mayo Clinic won't find him on this page)    
Jason Hartley: Blocking shots for the TITS team

Captain Chaos: Jason looks like he is talking with the girls at the hotel. Must be all the TITS on the ice.

Brian Kappler:  See?  He really was there on the ice?

Captain Chaos - That beard is almost as good as the the beard on the TITS player.

Andy Lovell:  Quit posing for the camera and do something!

Captain Chaos - The grinder on the Dragon-ass line.

Mike Macha: Helping Crawford cover up for Bieber's screw-up .... again.    
Chris Kurmaniak:  Rookie of the Year

Captain Chaos: Where has this guy been for the past 20 years!

Pete McDonald:   Ready to sacrifice and block another for Crawford

Captain Ch!aos: And I also give Crawford grief for finding his crease. Good gravy, he has to look around Pete's big arse!

Steve and Dwight celebrating another Chaos goal.'

Captain Chaos: Just like old times at the NCRB.

Steve and Troy celebrating another Chaos goal.

Captain Chaos: Those white skates are really gay.  I think I will get some.

Troy Schraffenberger:  Just staying out of Crawford's way.    
Tyler VanHackeleum:  Skating hard on his way to the penalty box.

Captain Chaos: Is he sticking his tongue out at the referee.

Will Owen:  The picture of concentration praying for his skate to stay together for one more shift.

Captain Chaos: Not the brightest Chaos player but has the heart of a lion.